Day 626 Another wee learning curve today… ♥️

It’s 8pm already and the day has raced away!

I had a wee blip at work this morning where something went wrong and I got upset as a result. Then I got upset at my getting upset. Go figure….

If you imagine my anxiety as an alter ego… it actually seems to relish when something goes wrong. It folds its arms, smiles a nasty, know-it-all smile and says “yep, you’re still rubbish, you think you have it all under control but you you don’t, huh that showed you”…. It’s evil.

Then I can’t seem to shake it.

I try to look at the thing objectively…. To learn the lesson it teaches me…. but anxiety snears and tries to drag me down further. It wallows in the bad feelings. “You should have done better, you should have done it this way, you shouldn’t have said that, you should have said this instead….” On and on and on.

This happened about 9.30 so it’s been a long day of hearing how awful I am from the devil inside my head. As a result I’ve eaten two huge chocolate chip cookies 🍪, a huge filled roll at lunch, about 8 Quality Street and 3 0% gins in the pub. Uneaten are my healthy eating plan breakfast and lunch. Self sabotage at its best.

So I’ve made it a tough day for myself. No-one else had an issue with it. Just me and my evil twin.

Least I can say I never repress my emotion these days eh?!?

So…. Moving on. Scotland’s Covid regulations are changing again as a result of the Omicron variant spreading so quickly.

When we were in the pub, the news came on announcing that pubs have to put screens back up from midnight tonight. The rules are changing so fast that we really do have to try to keep up with what’s happening. Craig ran to get his electric screwdriver 🪛

I put a post out on the pub FB page to let everyone know. We sat at the bar for the last time for a while.

These are difficult times again as restrictions tighten so my closing line is even more important.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️