Day 628 Christmas wrapping 🎁in front of the fire, pup photo shoot and off to Axe 🪓 throwing at the Fit Body Farm

Let’s start with last night… the Gateside Woodcutters Christmas Night in the Gateside Inn.

We had a lovely wee night with the neighbours. It’s an annual tradition and we’re so lucky that we got to do it this year. We all took lateral flows in advance.

Waiting for dinner!
Smoked salmon and prawn cocktail… this is just the starter 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
Me and my boy…. Sooooo not looking at the camera 📸 😆
Claire and Graeme
Claire and I having a wee pose under the Christmas tree 🎄

I forgot to take my Turkey dinner photos but it was very, very good!

Apparently wearing my hat was not cool….. I really was just checking to see how daft it looked…. and hey I think I’m actually rocking the look!

I came home at 11pm but couldn’t go to bed as the band were still playing and our bedroom is attached to the village pub. The band were playing just behind the headboard….. 😂

So I slept till 7am this morning and it felt like a huge lie in. I’ve had a lazy morning but set up the camping table in front of the fire and got wrapping!

The very first time in my life I have ever wrapped a spade

My reluctance to plan and shop for Christmas means that I have far too much for so many people. However, that’s a good problem to have. I’m wrapping them all up and it just is what it is. It feels good to have more than rather than less than. I love giving gifts. I love watching people open presents that I bought them.

I’ve gone from can’t do this, don’t want to do this, this is too hard, this is a nightmare… to oh….. surprise, have too much. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I don’t know why Christmas causes me so much stress. I think it’s the pressure to “perform” when I just about manage that at work and not much else. Then all of a sudden you have to do presents and cards and guess what everyone else wants….. nightmare!

When I emerge from wrapping I realise it’s a beautiful day. We’re so lucky it is as we’re outside tonight for the Fit Body Farm Christmas axe throwing and awards ceremony.

I decided to do a wee photoshoot with the girls.

Bhruic ♥️
Calaidh…. Just throw the goddam ball already 🎾
Freya ♥️

Now this next picture really makes me laugh. Calaidh is proudly sitting there showing off her scarf and the other two sum up the whole event….

They’re actually really good and know that the get to play as soon as we’re done.

Come get us Dad, we need rescued!

Least I had fun!

So we have to be at the Farm for 4.30pm. We have to send photos of our lateral flows before we go so I’m doing another one at 3pm before my shower!

So we’re both clear and good to go. The sunset on the way here was breathtaking. There’s low lying mist everywhere as it’s so clear but cold. The Isle of Arran looks stunning on the horizon and SO close. Makes me think of the lovely Anne again.

I took this photo over Craig while he was driving and out the window of the car. Imagine what you could capture if we had time to stop. We don’t… we’re running a weeeee bit late!

So I’m gonna stop this here tonight. I want to relax and enjoy the axe throwing without worrying about finishing the blog.

Transformation of the year will be announced tonight too. There’s very stiff competition so if I don’t win it will be very rightly deserved by someone who has lost way more than me.

The difference is that I have gained…. I have gained so much joining the Fit Body Farm.

I’ve gained a new level of self respect for myself. I’ve made some lovely friends who are all super supportive of each other and I’ve gained something that Craig and I can enjoy together and it’s not sitting in a pub drinking.

And that’s priceless.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️