Day 629 I only went and won the Fit Body Farm Transformation of the Year AND the 6 week challenge 😲♥️🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️

I am so humbled to say that I won 2 awards last night at the Fit Body Farm Christmas outside party!

The Transformation of the Year and the 6 week challenge!

I got the cup for the transformation and £200 for winning the 6 week challenge. I can’t believe that I won one of them let alone both.

I’m using last night as a reason to keep on going.

I have worked very hard these last 8 weeks. I’ve really tried to change my nutrition as well as the exercise. The exercise comes easier now… the nutrition still doesn’t… especially around Christmas when there are so many temptations everywhere!

So a few photos from last night…

The moon rising in the mist… it’s actually dark!
Our first view of the bonfire
Canapés were exquisite
I love this 🔥
Craig in the glow of the huge fire 🔥
It was originally a pile of pallets
The triangle at the top is a digger bucket loading up the fire 🔥
The bucket is schmokin’
It was a freezing cold night but so hot next to the fire 🔥
I was mesmerised!!
Craig collecting his axe during axe throwing 🪓
I hit a bullseye 🎯 my hat malfunction means my shadow looks like Shrek!
The moon was stunning in the fog
The fire had stunning blue and green flames at one point. I took a million photos!
The second best one!
Hair all over the place!
Not the best pic but here’s me getting award!
And finally a cake pop!!

So after all of yesterdays excitement I’ve had a mare of a morning… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

We had the dogs in with us last night… until about 3am. Bhruic wouldn’t settle… so I was tired when we got up about 8.30am. We had coffee and then I went to get ready for church. I’m going to see the nativity this morning as we next door neighbour Holly, is taking the service.

I walk into the kitchen and decide to have a scoosh of our vitamin D spray. Not had it for a few days. …

It didn’t scoosh like it usually does… it’s usually a big scoosh all round your mouth. This was more of a straight line squirt. (stop it!!)

So I did another two…. Only then did I taste vanilla 😱😱😱😱😱

Scent Bomb right into my mouth…. Straight to the sink. 🤪 oh my actual god……

Craig took this……. He was laughing soooo hard. The only plus point here is my jammies match the towel. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄🤣

So back to the point of the story. Church. I’m ready to go… I’ve given Craig a vanilla kiss…. And I hear an advert on tv…. Get your COVID booster as soon as possible…….


Quick call to Holly… drop her daughter at church and straight out to the Galleon Centre in Kilmarnock. how could we have forgotten?!?

There seem to be two queues so we join the shorter one. The other queue is massive. It snakes all the way around the building. There’s lots of confusion as to which queue is for bookings and which is for drop ins. After 5 minutes of standing in the wrong queue… we realise that the huge queue is for bookings.

What we can’t understand is why the drop ins queue was even allowed when the bookings queue was so massive. They were taking one drop in for every 10 bookings.

We were almost a whole hour from start to finish but we’ve got out booster jag so really that’s all that matters!

I’m done and Craigie’s still in the middle of the hall!
Sneaky vaccination pic!

So after a morning of drama… everything finally calmed down.

We did a super expensive food shop, came home and I walked the dogs while Craig put everything away.

It’s freezing in the fog…..

My fingers and chin were so cold!

There were spooky crows in spooky trees everywhere today!

It’s almost like a crow owns every tree… maybe they do?!

I’ve got my comfies on and have had my feet up ever since. It’s taken me an hour and a half to write this.

I’ve had a very tough 3 years…. Longer probably. I still have some difficult days but on the whole I feel like I might just have this thing sussed. ♥️

I’m 1.081 days alcohol free.

I’m 129 days anti depressant free and that means more to me than anything.

I’ve had so much support from so many amazing people. I couldn’t have done this alone. I appreciate everyone who reads this. Everyone who’s listened and everyone who’s there for me.

I am truly blessed. Thank you all ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️