Day 537 glorious sunshine and a long day doing stuff!

What a lovely day compared to yesterday. It was warm when I got up and sat outside for coffee. The sun wasn’t out yet but it’s stopped raining which is something.

I did and I was!
Wide words from the Cookie Monster!

I had the best sleep… the kind I don’t ever want to wake up from but as soon as I opened my eyes I thought about the washing machine delivery so had to check my phone! Fatal… wide awake.

We were 8th for delivery so I spent the morning stalking the drivers on the AO tracking site. #stalker 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣


I’m so impressed with the service. Honestly… I bought the washing machine about 26 hours before it was installed. I think that’s pretty good.

Out with the 747 jumbo jet take off washing machine and in with the “barely makes a sound you have to keep checking it’s on” new one!

Now the installation wasn’t the easiest…. As father in law and Craig will agree having plumbed in the old one when we moved in….. lots of hmmmmmm-ing, huffing and puffing and exclamations that it wouldn’t fit as it must be bigger, has a bigger back on it, can’t push in further without compromising the pipes, doors won’t close over….should have a longer drain tube…. I sensed a lot of haste… trying to do it all too quickly to get to the next job… as he kept telling me. Lo and behold… a bit of perseverance and it fits exactly as the last one did… with a few small dents at the bottom where he was trying to push it in with his feet.

He then asks for a 5/5 when the text comes through for proof of completion as it will help guarantee him more work.

Of course I give him a 5/5… to be fair he did get it in where we needed it to be despite his own protests!

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself as I had no one to stalk once the delivery guys had gone but the good news was there was hundreds of washing to do!

I went out to put the pop top up in the van to dry and swept out the floor and carpet… washed the floor rugs.

Claire then asked me in for a cuppa so I popped into hers for an hour or so. Good catch up after holidays!

Back home and cleaned the pop up toilet tent, did more washing, weeded the garden, cut back some hostas…. Not a fan of a hosta at all. cut back with pleasure.

There are hundreds of flies and wasps about just now…. All landing on me… either that or I’m getting tickled by my long hair or wool….. I’m jumping about every few seconds!!

I am crocheting again. I’ve been inspired by the crochet ladies changing it up this week and starting a blanket…. so I decided to start joining some of my squares together. Became a bit of a woman possessed!!

Just picking them randomly and joining them together as I go. This is going to be mums blanket though god knows when it will ever be finished!

It all looks a bit wonky now but that’s just because it’s different thicknesses of wool all needing stretched to be the same size! All the balls of wool said double knitting but they were not all the same. Dammit.

I’ve been sitting out in the sun since about 3pm and it’s been hot. Lovely.

There were loads of sightings of the Aurora Borealis last night so I downloaded an app as they said it was going to be a great few days even down in Ayrshire. The app is called the Glendale App and is found online rather than any App Store.

This was the detail from this morning and sadly tonight it’s back to level 0 meaning we spent see anything. Too much cloud cover.

Some of the photos from last night were stunning… greens, purples, pinks. Would be fascinating to see. it’s on my bucket list!

So our last night of holiday with a lie in the next day so we popped into the village pub for a couple of drinks. I had Tanquery 0% Gin with Schweppes Pink Soda. A nice wee change.

Oh and a lovely lady who was leaving the pub stopped to chat and asked if I was the Rambling Sloth….. it took me by surprise…. Quite embarrassed but a wee bit proud to say that I am. 🦥

Anyway crashing back to reality we came home for dinner and wait for this… we didn’t order takeaway but made Beetroot Pesto pasta…. It looks a bit unusual (pink!) but tasted so good.

It’s been a really long day but in a good way. I feel like I’ve achieved loads. Great when my head is in a better place.

Long may it continue.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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