Day 529 from Islay to Kennacraig in the fog, home to swap dogs!

I’ve just sat down! It’s 20.55 and it’s been a busy day.

We left the campsite at 8am this morning. Bhru was great through the night and only asked to go out at 6.30am which was great. We both slept so well!

It was raining when we woke up but super foggy by the time we left.

At Port Ellen they asked me to park right at the entrance to the ferry (which wasn’t there yet!) more reversing into spaces on front of everyone and making sure I didn’t reverse over the edge of the pier….. 🤣

The ferry is still not here but the foghorn was getting closer. Not gonna lie it was kinda terrifying….. and very, very loud!!

This is how close we were!! check what was unloaded while we waited?!?! We reckon new stills for Caol Isla distillery maybe?

Poor Bhru didn’t like the fog horn…. Whe also doesn’t like the sound of the ramp deploying…. Wee soul.

We were first on!!

I’m surprised that CalMac were still running in that fog but they were and it was the Finlaggan this time. What a posh ship!

It’s not every day a pupper gets to do this!

They’re all settled… I can go exploring!

The fog is lifting a bit but we sail out with the fog horn still blowing.

There’s barely a ripple at sea…. So calm.

Spotted passing on the fog.

I love this pic. Just stunning.

So we got into Kennacraig just before lunchtime. Our plan was to drive over to Claonaig and sail to Lochranza on Arran again. It’s 21.14 now and we would still not be home…. We would just be arriving back from Ardrossan.

We realised we hold make much better time by driving home from Kennacraig as it’s on the mainland.

This was the plan.

And this was what we actually did….

And saved ourselves about 6 hours!

So we got home at 3, had big cuddles with Calaidh and Freya. Calaidh ran out and jumped in the middle of the van as if to say never leave us alone again!!!

So we’re home for a night to sort everything out, repack and take Calaidh to Wales… or Welsh Wales as we call it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣.

Bhruic and Freya are going to the lovely kennels we have found but having spent the week with Bhru on her own I feel very sad about doing leaving them. They will be well looked after but it’s still hard. it feels very selfish of us but they’ve been so unhappy travelling recently that it seems like the sensible thing to do.

We popped into the pub for a drink once we had cleaned out the van and then into Claire and Graeme’s next door to see their new fire pit!! Our other neighbours Jim and Fiona were there too so lovely to catch up!

I’m behind the tree!!

It’s such a cool fire pit area and the lights are lovely.

So thanks so much to our in laws for moving in this week to look after Calaidh and Freya and to our neighbours for walking the dogs! We are very lucky to have such great support.

A long drive to Welsh Wales tomorrow but making the journey part of the holiday.

Stay safe everyone ⛴🌫🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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