Day 526 Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg distilleries with a visit to Port Ellen and Bowmore…. And the sun shone!! ☀️ for a few hours 👍🏼

Another great nights sleep all cosied up in the van.

So we were up early this morning and there was evidence of some sunshine! This is the view from the campsite which is about the first time we’ve seen it.

Craig made Serrano ham, black pudding and tattie scones for breakfast.

Bhru likes the look of it!

Today’s travels…. Port Charlotte to Bruichladdich to Bridgend to Bowmore to Port Ellen to Lagavulin and back.

On our drive over this was the view across to Bowmore. I stopped in a lay-by!

First real stop of the day….

The photos don’t do it justice but it was so atmospheric. You can’t tell where the water stops and the mist begins.

First dram of the day for oor Craigie!

Now I realise I’m alcohol free and am growing to detest the stuff… it doesn’t stop my being over-awed by the brands. My dad loves a Laphroaig and it will always make me think of him. We walked into the shop and Toto by Africa was playing which always makes me think of him too…. Spooky.

The merchandise is lovely!

A truly stunning location. It’s warm but damp. Just like the whisky.

Next stop….

The merch here is VERY expensive.

Sorry Dad… didn’t get you one of these….


They are also selling Caol Isla as that distillery is closed just now for renovations. it’s just as expensive.

Next stop….

The sun is trying to come out!!
This is a lovely wee place

More importantly check out the Ardbeg Airstream which is a wee cafe. Their coffee was amazing!!

Another dram for the boy! 🥃

I may have got a very early birthday present…. got a lovely jacket.

God knows what this is…… 🤣

The Ardbeg beastie maybe?!

Then finally the sun started to come out. I got some stunning photos after this.

Port Ellen
This is the ferry we will be on on Friday

So many photos of the same place but it was so lovely to see the sun and feel the warmth.

A fuchsia hedge!

We didn’t go to it but here’s Port Ellen distillery.

Away at the end of the beach
Zoomed in!

All day I’ve been singing in my head “I wanna see the sunshine after the rain”…. 😆🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 and here it is!

Finally the last stop was Bowmore. Visits by appointment only…. We… of course…. did not have an appointment.

We stood like saddos outside 🤣
Love this wee hoosie!!!
The church at the top of the hill

I’ve been in much better headspace today. Is it that I’m only a fair weather camper?!? I’m trying to think about my triggers as they happy and breathe before reacting. It hadn’t always worked but a damn sight more than yesterday.

It’s taken me ages to write this so I’m gonna stop here for now. Take Bhru to the beach for a bit.

Stay safe everyone 🥃🥃🥃

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