Day 525 a wee day trip in the South West of Islay 🚐

I fell asleep at 7.30pm last night….. out for the count until about 7am this morning. Musta needed it!

Check that cloud !

It stopped raining at some point through the night. The wind died down pretty early on which was good. Everything was still soaking this morning but much calmer.

I took Bhru down to the beach and it started to rain again so we went back to bed until 9.

The wee beach at the site

Coffee and bacon toasties for breakfast and set off for a wee trip round the south west part of Islay from where we’re staying in Port Charlotte.

The angelic Miss Bhruic ready for the off

Portnahaven was beautiful…. Oh and there’s a house for sale!

Lovely wee village
The back garden!
Check it’s location…. I mean wow.

So for a mere £70k this little beauty could be yours. We stood at the back and planned the garden. Such a quiet wee place.

The view from the war memorial

The tide was crazy here. The flow past the islands was incredibly fast. If you’d fallen in you’d have ended up in Mull I reckon 🤣

So from here we headed up a proper single track road for miles with only grass verge passing places. to be fair we met about 6 cars and a hole lotta sheep!

Coos right next to the road
And sheep. Had to stop for them to cross the roads quite often

Next stop Bruichladdich Distillery…. Which was closed. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So from here onto Kilchoman distillery. It was closed…. But we saw the sign!

Onto Machir Bay which is just stunningly beautiful. The photos don’t do it justice but it goes on for miles!

White soft sand and turquoise water
Blogger at work!
It’s really mild despite being a bit damp
Bhru is having a blast!!
Clever girl washing off all the sand!!

Then back down to the beautiful Port Charlotte for a wander and a trip to the local Spar….. now I would love to live in Port Charlotte!

So……. The honesty of my blog…. I’ve been a total nark all day. I can hear myself ringing in my ears and I hate it…..

I feel after all the hard work I’ve done to change to my new positive outlook, I’m still walloped back into reality at warp speed by things that are nothing, can be fixed and like the weather can change instantly. I’m so disappointed in myself. I don’t want to be this person and only I can change it. Knowing it is one thing and not allowing things to bother me is another.

Craig made pasta with red pesto, black pudding and chorizo for dinner tonight. We had a early dinner and the dishes are all done.

It was super tasty.

I think I might crochet for the rest of the evening. Instil some sense of calm in me. Big day tomorrow. Hoping to catch some distilleries which are open… 🤣😆🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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