Day 435 a full working day!

Wow I had the best sleep ever…. I was in bed for about 8.30pm last night and finally fell asleep about 9.30pm.

Got a long lie until 6.30am…. Wow!! Love a morning when I don’t get up for the gym.

So a completely different Julie woke up today. Fresh and clear headed, ready to take on the world. I even washed and blow dried my hair before work and that like almost never happens.

I was working till 4pm today as there’s loads to do and Abbie the camper van is back in the garage on Thursday so I can’t get to work.

It means the day passes in a blur but it was another good day. Loads done. Mind fixed. 😁

When I got back home I took el doggos out for a walk and dragged Claire with me. I actually didn’t need to drag her…. Calaidh did that!

The field we spent most of lockdown 1.0 in has been closed over with barbed wire since the end of summer last year. It’s a sad day when your life is made because a field is open…… I’m getting old!

Lockdown field!!
Can you spot Calaidh?!?! Not Bhruic the one at the front….
How cute do we look mumma?!?!
The buttercups are soooooo tall. Who knew that was a thing?!?!
I don’t think this photo does it justice… they are monster buttercups!!
The cowslip is taking over the world too!

We thought about picking some cowslip but a quick google search says it’s toxic…. hmmm rethink that idea!

Love how these wee flowers are almost pale pink

I made a hello fresh dinner tonight and it didn’t take me a hundred hours to do… check me!

Even looks like the photo?!

It was really lovely and there are plenty left overs for lunch tomorrow. It’s probably more calories than I should have at the moment but hey… I can’t do it all…. 😆😁

We all have the power

Now this next one is something we should all take on board. How many people actually make time for themselves and do something they really want to do. Every single day? I bet a small handful. Something for us all to think about.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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