Day 434 a meh kind of day…

Wasn’t sure what to talk about today as I am tired. Awfy tired. Then I saw this.

So I’m not gonna turn this into a moan. I will get a very early night and catch up on my sleep.

Fit Body Farm was hard work this morning. After the weekend away I felt really sleepy but it soon woke me up. Once you get out of bed you are committed!

We did lots of upper body work this morning. It was really mild and we ended up sweating buckets 🥵 all good and felt great after it!

I had a shower at the gym and the water was freezing!!! Couldn’t wash my hair as there was no way on earth I was putting my head under that shower! 🥶

I headed off to work with dirty hair and thankfully no one noticed. Maybe they did and were just too polite to say. I finished about 1.30 and headed to the supermarket for a quick dither about shop and bought nothing of any use!

You’ll be pleased to know that I totally failed in my attempt to cancel Hello Fresh and another 3 meal arrived so we will not starve this week. I just need to take a week off work to prepare the meals…… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

This week we have:

  • Warm Mediterranean Style Pasta Salad with choirzo, roasted veg and feta
  • Beef Koftas with Couscous, Harrisa Yoghurt and tomato salad 🥗
  • Chicken and mushroom crumble with basmati rice

Watch this space……

It’s been another lovely day today. Really hot. The van got up to 38C inside between work and the supermarket! It’s a shame my AC button does sweet FA 😬😆

I decided today was going to be a nap day. I needed some extra rest to get rid of some grumpiness. Instead I spoke to mum on the phone, spent some time with wee Rachel from next door, had an early dinner with Craig and then a cuppa with Claire.

She’d asked me to go for a walk but I couldn’t today…. we managed to talk solidly for two hours!!! Love that there’s always so much to catch up on. I’m sure I moaned way too much.

I just noticed our Cytisus (check me, read the label….) shining in the late sun.

Everything in the garden has bloomed in the weekend we’ve been away. All it takes is some heat and a wee bit of torrential rain!

My favourite Forest Flame 🔥
Our wee tree!
It’s a beautiful evening… I hardly ever take photos from this angle in the garden
Lovely in the evening sun

We have so many weeds just now and I have no inclination to de-weed. Craig told the dogs today that it needed doing so I’m hoping they’ll pick it up. 😆

Pup tums all back in working order thankfully….

So to be grateful, a beautiful day with catch up with lovely people and a bit of work and shopping thrown in. The end. 😬😆

Stay safe everyone 😬😬😬

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