Day 272 Christmas Eve Eve 2020 food collection & Christmas nails 💅🏼

House is ready for Santa’s inspection!

Despite clean bed last night I had a rubbish sleep! I was still wide awake at 12.30am which is unheard of for me. Too tired to move when the alarm went off this morning and in desperate need of a nap by 4.30pm 💤

However different out Christmas turns out to be this year this is so tries it comes from the heart. ♥️

I had the Christmas shop to collect from Morrison’s today which was al very straightforward and easy but then I had to join the queue for the shop to pick up some wine for someone’s gift. There were about 25 people in front of me but the queue moved really quickly. As I stood there I was hunting in my bag for my glasses… which I knew WERE in there. WERE. Not any more.

Selfie of the toilets in Morrison’s… good one Julesie?!? One of my new Christmas masks. No one will really see it so I thought it post a pic.

Got what I needed and back out to search for my glasses. Scoured the car park, the van… everywhere! I even queued back up to go and see if anyone had handed them in. 🤓

Nope………….. it’s fine….. really 🤬

I treated myself to a Coconut Milk latte and some cheesecake from the little coffee caravan to make up for it . 100% comfort food but it was soooo good!

I took Bhruic and Freya for a walk when I got back as Craig had taken Calaidh to work.

Water Bhruic!
The sun was trying to come through
Amazing that this is the midday sun

Did housework in between everything today so yes we are ready to receive Santa into our home. No one else will see it but it feels good that it’s clean and I can relax.

Yes I did stick my foot up at the Christmas tree. The only way to make a toe pic seem semi acceptable?!?!

So I’m back home now and there was some drama down in Glengarnock today. Seems a delivery truck was stolen and crashed and the thieves escaped. There were police everywhere and a helicopter circling about Viv’s Nails. All very dramatic but done and dusted by the time I left. Viv finishes up for maternity tomorrow so I’m stuck with these nails for the rest of my life. 🤣 seriously though my lovely neighbour does great nails so I’m sure I’ll be fine!!

There was a lovely sunset tonight, think tomorrow’s going to be a crisp, frosty, clear sky Christmas Eve
How sweet is this! I love our village!

I lay down to write this and now I might just have to nap.

Stay safe everyone 🎄🎄🎄

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