Day 264 a whirlwind of a day!!

Its very late for me to be starting a blog at 9.37pm but it’s been a really busy day and I honestly don’t know where it’s gone.

Long story short, dog walk in the dark!

Spooky tree!
Loved the clouds in the puddle

So I was running until my knee gave way! … of course it did.

Hectic morning, we had Bhru escape out the garden and we didn’t realise she’d gone until our lovely neighbour Michelle brought her back… cheeky pup. I’d been watching her the garden from the office upstairs and she’d been having a wee wander… Craig was getting ready for work and she just fancied a wander. All good but we have to keep an eye on her now.

Craig went out and the Jeep steering was away again so the AA came and took it back to the garage. So he ended up spending the day trying to reschedule work while I made calls and finalised my puppy presentation!

I have my first puppy online call booked for Monday!!!!!

Tonight saw the start of my active social week covid style where I met my very old but young friend Lea in McDonalds car park for coffee. We both drove through and sat in the van and had a coffee. Ok I lie, I did not have a coffee but I knocked mine onto the floor and christened the van…. you couldn’t make it up!!!

We chatted the hind legs off a donkey…. been WAY too long

Christmas presents swapped and definitely hopping we can meet up more next year as we missed Lea’s 40th this year and had to cancel a night away in a fancy hotel. I STILL HAVEN’T BOUGHT HER A 40th PRESENT YET… an issue that’s caused me so much stress 😬🙄😂 my anxiety has seriously over thought this gift buying beyond belief!!!! Next year I will nail it!

Short one today!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️