Day 252 SNOW!!! ❄️☃️⛷🏂🏔

Ok so we’re not skiing or snowboarding but prepare for a squillion photos today.

Craig was up sharp this morning (turns out there’s a reason for that…) and shouted that there was snow as loads of people were posting pictures (as they do!) He was due to drive a long distance this morning to a park to meet a couple for some dog behavioural training. Usually when we have snow the main roads are fine.

Craig, however, is not fine, poor soul. It’s after 2 and he’s lying on the couch with a VERY dodgy tum and can’t eat anything. He’s a very pale shade of grey. I’m staying away. 😷

THE dog walk had to be split into 3 today due to the compacted ice everywhere. I’m not daft!

The back garden at 7am!
Main Road – doesn’t look like much in the pic to be honest but it seemed quite a lot when it’s the first of the year.
Dog walk numero uno with Bhruic… she sat down first when I said sit so she gets to go!
It’s so crisp and fresh ❄️
The moon!!
Pointing out the snow on Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran
Although possibly not as I don’t think I was pointing in the right direction?!?!?
The view from my new office!

Had calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions so did them until after 12 then off out with Calaidh.

It’s a beautiful day!
Fairy Glen
Posing beside the burn…. waiting down something but she’s not sure what….
The sun above the burn
Spiers school grounds loom quite dramatic!
Love that huge ball of sun!
Noticed this mist rolling on from the hills
Very low sun
By the time we headed home the mist had come right down
Freya’s walk next and the mist is on the move
Awfy spooky tree and spooky clouds
Wee cutie with the big lugs!
My tracks in the snow
I love this tree. The light shows how intricate it really is
Our wee village
This is almost a gold sky

I came back and confirmed that Craig is still pretty grey and had another call to make them had our monthly tapping group. So lovely to see the ladies all together again. We worked on areas of pain in the body and what the discomfort was trying to tell us. That reminds me that I’ve had to book a doc appointment for my knee as it’s too sore now. However tapping told me that I don’t drink enough or nourish my body properly which won’t be helping.

A wintery scene out the back just now.

Today’s blog was overtaken by snow. It was meant to be about my 700 days of sobriety!! So out of the last 703 days… I haven’t drunk alcohol for 700 of them!

And you know what. I am pretty damn proud of that. Way to go me!!!

Next to tackle… food. Sometime. Soon maybe. After Christmas. See what I did there?!?

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️