Day 263 another day of firsts…. who actually am I?!

I had the Osteopath this morning at 10am so was up sharp and out with the dogs. So just to recap, I’m going to get my knee looked at which has been sore since I did couch to 5K at the start of 2019. I’ve only started looking for more help as it seems to have got worse over the last few weeks.

Of course today there is no pain AT all… and for some reason I felt the need to run…. yes run…… around the dog walk route with the dogs. They had no idea what was happening when the rambling sloth started to run. Naturally for them it was only a quick walk!

The burns were full to overflowing after yesterday’s rain!

Don’t get me wrong I stopped a few times but on the whole I ran all the way and it felt bloody good.

Coming home after a run into the Club Tropicana house is not the best move (our heating is constantly on until we get the new HIVE heating thermostat. We hit temperatures of about 23 deg in here sometimes. We’ve taken to turning the radiators off in certain rooms so that we can breathe!) I was bright red!!!!

So off I go to the osteopath with my beaming face 🥵

He reckons that I have damaged my cartilage so I have daily exercises to strengthen the muscle round about and to relieve some of the tension that’s built by overcompensating for the pain. So I had some manipulation which basically meant deep tissue massage and moving my knee every which way but it feels eased.

I came home to make Pawsitive Solutions calls and out of 11 of our enquiries, 8 of them were for puppy training. We have no availability until late January just now so of course no one booked up and those who have are cancelling nearer the time as they have found other ways of dealing with their issues while they were waiting. It’s really frustrating to want to get going with my training but I can’t get the jobs to be able to do it. I messaged my Pawsitive Puppies support network… Craig and Lorna to see what we could do differently.

Lorna called me straight back and suggested I could do an hours call for people as I’m already fully trained in the basics people need. I’ve written the presentation this afternoon…. my first time in PowerPoint since the bad old days 😜. Just need to chat it through and make the necessary changes and I am good to go…. it’ll be great if that works out as we can help people immediately and put their minds at rest by giving them the information they need to make a new puppy home a happy one!

A run, the Osteopath and writing a presentation all in one day. Who’d a thunk it as my Gran would say!!


I am getting as much help and support as I need but I have to take this next step. Only I can do it. Me, myself and I. Whichever one decides to show up.

A lovely sunset from my desk

Stay safe everyone 🌈🌈🌈