Day 250… 8.30pm and I’ve just had breakfast, lunch and dinner 😳

This is really lovely.

It’s been a day and a half. I might resort to bullet points in the interests of brevity. I am super tired after a full on day but mood wise it’s all good. I’ve been too busy to think about anything else….. maybe a good thing?!

8.50am Abbie the wonderful camper van wouldn’t start. Lucky I got a jump starter kit for my birthday from Craig. Don’t even need another vehicle. Lucky Craigs in the house to show me how to work it.

9am Abbie is running and I’m off the morning puppy job in Ayr

10-1 puppy training with a gorgeous 14 wk Australian Labradoodle. Even got a cuddle.

1-3.30 Ayr to Irvine to drop my leather bag into Timpsons to get the strap stitched. (Calaidh chewed!) Grabbed a Costa but you can’t drink a takeaway in the shopping centre now as you’re wearing a mask. It’s cold by the time I get it then home.

Craig is leaving as soon as I get in so I head back out to the post office to post a jigsaw to mum and dad.

3.40pm-5.15pm driving home from the post office I saw a man on the ground who had fallen and there were a few women with him. I don’t know why I stopped but I think it was because I had the van. I thought I could help. I ended up being the only one with a phone so had to call 999 for the first time in my life. He had a bad gash above and below his eye and his glasses were annihilated which is a sign of how hard he fell. We waited for 55 minutes until a paramedic called and I had to allow him to access my phone camera so I could show the wounds. It was still bleeding really badly so the ambulance then arrived in about 10 minutes. He’s away to Crosshouse Hospital. He is going to have a sore one but it felt really good to be able to help. I went to move the van…. battery flat again. Had to use my new jump starter and do it all by myself. The ladies were impressed. So was I!

5.15-7.30 Pawsitive solution calls

7.30 HOUSE IS ONLY 14.5 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!! Started both fires without kindling. Running between the two to try and keep them going. Brought an electric fire in to the living room to help. Baked potatoes in the microwave then oven… extra heat!!

Now it’s nearly 9 and we’ve just eaten.

I might have a day off tmro….. 😬

In all honesty I’m good. Maybe busy is a good thing.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️