Day 255 weird ass Christmas tree for a weird ass year 🎄

So this happened today….

The obligatory Christmas photo

Check out the teeny tiny Christmas tree!! The dogs are bigger than the tree…..

We can’t have a tree in the living room this year as we are getting the floors sanded on 23rd so we went for a a potted tree in the sunroom.

Craig was wood cutting with the village wood cutters this morning and they are just outside the Gateside Plant Centre. They only had one potted tree left and I’m not gonna lie… I walked into the room when he brought it home and thought that’s the most awful tree I’ve ever seen. But it’s grown on me….

It’s a very very weird shaped tree!

So while Craig was chopping wood I took the dogs out for a play in the field. It’s really helping my knee not to walk long distances.

Gateside in the morning sun
Freya is pooped!!
Zoom on the frost
It’s so furry!!
The clouds were stunning – puppers action shot

I decided to go to Largs for a coffee and a wee drive in the sun. I had to jump start Abbie and then sit for ages while everything defrosted. Not to self for when I’m working in winter…. leave the house an hour in advance!!

The sea is sooooo calm
It’s so crisp and clear and you can see for miles
The clouds came over while I was there, for all of 30 minutes!
Just long enough for a coconut milk latte

This afternoon has been all things festive decorating the tiny tree and deciding how much of our Christmas stuff to give to charity. A huge bag will be leaving tomorrow morning in the next clear out stage.

We have our reindeer head inside our small window. No one will see it apart from us as it’s at the back of the house but it looks lovely. 🦌

We’re now watching Christmas movies in an attempt to be festive. We do find we have to “try” to be festive in this house… but we are on it….

If they stand further away the tree might look bigger?!?!?

Stay safe everyone 🎄🎄🎄