Day 279 a very sunny 30th December 2020 ☀️☀️☀️

A lovely cold but sunny start to the day!

Just caught the end of the moon

It was so light through the night… the moon must have been huge. I wanted to get pics but couldn’t bring myself to get outside!

A sheet of ice! 🧊
Sunrise 🌅
Such a non ladylike pose Bhruic!
Facing east
Facing west
Bhru found a stone!
I have sooooo many pictures, it was just so beautiful
She needed a bath as she was muddy and had ice from the burn!

Good news announced today that a second vaccine has been approved for use!

We will as we did with Christmas too.

We miss everyone but it’s just not worth the risk. The new strain of covid is 5 times more transmittable so we have to be more careful.

We had a Pawsitive Solutions call today to decide what to do in January. We can’t be in peoples houses in level 4. I’ve drafted a letter to be sent to everyone (by email obvs) to advise them of their new appointment. Obviously all of this can change with new Government rules in the coming weeks so we’ll have to keep on top of that too.

Fire pit!!!
Hahahaha we look like a couple of ageing hippies!!!
The moon is amazing again tonight

It’s been a lovely day. I’ve been a bit stressed by various things along the way but actually it turned out ok.

Baby steps

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥