Day 253 a busy and practical day with NO photos taken 😱😱 oh and the heating is working again after 3 weeks!!!

So yeah it’s 6.40pm and I haven’t really stopped all day. Well I have… I’ve just been asleep on the couch as the house is now so super cosy… but I’ll get to that.

I am very calm today. Calm and clear in my head which is always lovely. Up at 7, showered and house tidied in time for the heating engineer arriving at 8.30am. He was coming to service the Gateside Hall boiler but I asked him to look at our heating which hadn’t been working for about 3 weeks. 14.5 deg is very cold when it’s inside your house in autumn/winter.

He worked for a few hours replacing the pump and headed over to the hall for the boiler service. Our heating never warmed up so when he popped back to say he was away he had to go back up and see what was wrong. He said it must be an electrical fault so we had to call and electrician.

In the meantime we had a Pawsitive Solutions meeting where we all took some pretty big actions. Moving forward in the new year!

About 1.30 I headed down to Irvine to get my leather bag from Timpsons… yes the one that Calaidh chewed. I walked up to the store and the guy said “nope…. sold it!!” I love that attitude from folk as it makes me laugh!

I had a quick wonder around Irvine just because I’d driven that way… you understand how it is?!?

My friend Tracey in Canada sent this!!! Same here though!!

Back home and the electrician has been already!!!!!!!!! Didn’t charge us anything but fixed the electrical fault…. we had dinner at 4.30pm. Craig is finally feeling better and has eaten his first meal and it’s not been rejected…… 😳😬🤫🙄😷

We have started watching the Queens Gambit on Netflix and so have watched 3 episodes since dinner…. and I crashed out. The house is sooooo cosy and warm. It’s the first time I’ve fallen asleep on the new couch. Gutted I missed half of the last episode though!

So a busy and functional day doth not a beautiful and magical blog make…. but I feel calm. That’s such a wonderful feeling.

Now this made me laugh!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜