Day 266 a lovely wee day with TWO sloth gifts! 🦥♥️

Wide awake at 5am this morning with a mind like a washing machine on fast spin. No matter how hard I tried I could not get back to sleep.

Before and after

We got up at 7.30 and had to clear the living room as we were getting the floor sanded. It was meant to be done on 23rd but thankfully the guy had a cancellation. this was the reason for the teeny tiny sunroom tree this year.

It is amazing!!!! We may never walk in there ever again.

Of course now we need to decorate as the walls now look filthy…. the price we pay for having an open fire. 🔥

So that happened today. Not a spec of dust anywhere really, the guy did a great job. He said the main sander is £4.5K… not surprised. It was amazing to see. Obviously every other room resembles the aftermath of a tornado.

I pottered about this morning and made some calls AND started my 2021 spreadsheet for Pawsitive Solutions with drop down menus and all sorts…. slightly obsessed with spreadsheets these days.

Absence of spreadsheets in my life for two whole years…. 🤣🤣

I’d ordered some macaroons for delivery today from our local Elly’s Custom Cakes and they came today…. I say they came, she dropped them off as she only lives about 100m away (how lucky are we?!?)

The macaroons are to die for but wait until you see the box she gave us! She made me a SLOTH cookie!!!!!!! How lovely is that? I was so touched. Go and check out her FB page. She’s a genius with all things sweet!

Coincidence that there was teal paper?!? My new favourite colour!!

Drove to Costa Coffee in Robroyston to catch up with Auntie Jac and swap pressies!!!! I got my very own sewing machine for my birthday along with a bracelet, lovely cushion from the little gift shop in Beith and a SLOTH jigsaw!

48pc… BOOM! Done… my size of jigsaw! 🧩
A wee selfie as Jac got to see Abbie for the first time!

Should say here that there’s a second shop up in Crieff and Jac got the sewing machine for a fiver. I was desperate for one!! I have big plans…. just not quite certain what they are yet or where to start but it will come!

In COVID-19 news, we are one of the few countries certainly within Europe that are now on lockdown. We are now being encouraged not to travel unless absolutely necessary and not to stay over.

Personally I think we’ve done the right thing by deciding to stay home. I will miss mum and dad and Craigs mum and step dad but we will see them, it will just be very different this year.

We’ve all made it this far

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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