Day 262 a thoroughly miserable day but lovely and cosy inside 🧡💛❤️

Well it just shows you that I never have any idea what mood I’m going to wake up in…. I’m having the loveliest of days despite the fact it stayed dark and just poured all day. It never stopped and it just got heavier.

I didn’t sleep well lay night, up to the loo 3 times , I mean honestly….

I’ve just put no pressure on myself today. If I knew how I did that I’d do it every day. I just went with the flow.

Our Morrison’s food shop was delivered about 10.15 and I randomly ended up cleaning out cupboards. I genuinely seem to work better when I surprise myself into something rather than deciding to do it!

We nipped up to B&Q so that Craig could get a drill bit. For those of you who have been in my house in the last 3 years or so…. we finally have a door handle on the living room door!!!!!!! The poor puppers are going knock themselves out when the wham their heads into it to get it to open. Will have to watch out for that. That’s method of entry will not work anymore and they better not be breaking the new door handle anytime soon. 🤣

I even watched some football today which is quite unheard of for me. It was a good game. I seem to like it when “we” win.

I’ve been wrapping Christmas presents on and off all day today. Sitting on the floor of my room… it’s funny, it feels like Craig and I have found our own spaces like kids with their own bedrooms, I’ve been up here wrapping and I can hear him on his computer shooting away 😆🤣.

Wrapping present when you have 3 dogs, Bhru sat right down in front of me

I’ve cleared through a memory box and thrown out lots of old birthday cards. It’s not easy but I’ve been “without Ruth” again… 🤣🤣 sorry the old jokes get me giggling (ruthless!)

It’s a hard life eh?!

More importantly I feel really good. I feel happy and very grateful. I actually feel full of love for everything today. I am where I am, it is what it is. I am who I am and it’s all good.

Check me ☺️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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