Day 259 aye the nights are fair drawin’ in (read in broad Scottish accent!)

It’s only just 3.30pm and it’s almost dark out there already. I have very little to say about today as I’ve actually done very little.

Dog walk, Pawsitive Solutions calls. Erm think that’s it. A good, productive day.

The end.

Nope I made that joke the other day, can’t do it again…. Abbie the camper is still in the garage but I will get her back at 1pm tomorrow. She has a new battery, new heater motor, the beeping with the right indicator has been cleared….. it was looking for a towbar?!?! She needs two rear tyres as they urnae even legal. 😱 who knew?!?! I should have….. 🤔😳🥴😬

The only thing still to be done is to fix the exhaust manifold but that’s a huge job so they are going to do it in January. We shall all pray then that they do it without damaging the turbo as that will cost out £800 to replace. 😩 it’s a risk that the turbo will be damaged.

Anyway she’s an old van so what needs done needs doing and it probably wouldn’t do her any harm to have a new turbo.

Dog walk today
The girls having a run in Spiers school grounds

Now I must point out that what is about to come next is a new low in the object of my photography but it was such a beautiful shape I couldn’t resist. Shame it means someone has a huge leak as they were all over the road. Officially this was the prettiest…… yip….. 😬

An oil spill on the road……… I’ll just leave this there…..

So I’ve been reflecting on my FB memories this last week and they are all of me drinking. Every Christmas night out was about getting hammered, trying to be the centre of attention, sitting next to the cool folk and pinching folks drinks at a certain point in the night when every egged me on.

Here I am 9 years ago pinching someone’s pint at the Christmas party.

I woke up with so much shame and regret after these nights as I hated the hangover, hated the loss of control. Now that I look back I see that this version of me was all an act. I was never comfortable in big crowds, never felt like I belonged and was always trying to be someone I didn’t feel inside.

I’m so much more comfortable now. That said we can’t go anywhere now so maybe that will change but I don’t need to dress to impress with the killer heels. It’s enough just to be me and this is who I am. Maybe as a result of 2020 we will be able to wear comfies forever?!?!

This is the hard bit for me but i am working at it every day
This made me laugh 😂

COVID wise things seem really bad with a high number of deaths continuing.

It’s easy to become complacent about these figures are they seem to be happening to other people. 63,082 deaths is so very sad.

Sadly this is the safest way to do Christmas this year
Fa-la-la-la-la… la-la-la-lah……… 😷

Stay safe everyone 😷😷😷

2 thoughts on “Day 259 aye the nights are fair drawin’ in (read in broad Scottish accent!)

  1. I love the beautiful oil spill pic, well spotted. It reminds me of my drain cover series (!) when I thought I’d totally lost the plot, but a friend recently mentioned to me how much she loved those pics.. and they were ages ago. Urban beauty rocks. 😊

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