Day 256 a very successful day in the life….

So yes, upon reflection I’ve had a calm, straightforward and successful day.

The end. 🤣

Out with the dogs before 8am

Playing in the field instead of a big walk has really helped my knee but not helped Calaidh’s hips. We were told by the vet a while back that it’s not good for her hip joints to be running after frisbees and balls and coming to a dead stop. So back to a walk tomorrow I think.

Sunrise was lovely

Had a call with the doctor about the pain in my knee. She’s sending me for an X-ray as apparently that needs doing before I would get a scan… not sure what the difference is but I know the X-ray will be clear. She did ask about my weight………….. was always going to happen. She did say I’d have to lose weight and think of my knees and my health carrying all that weight. Yeah ok… what weight are you hen?!?! 😆

Folded up all the dry washing in a huff afterwards went upstairs to the “office” to start my Pawsitive Solutions calls.

Booked 4 jobs today which is the most in a few weeks. Spoke to some lovely people and wasn’t on the phone for too long which is a good thing!

Managed to get all my Christmas cards written this afternoon, first time in about 3 years I’ve done cards. Still to be posted.

In an effort to stay healthy I made a low fat chickpea curry for dinner.

Scuse language 😬

I’m quite alert and clear headed today and have enjoyed the functionality of it.

I’m sitting writing this on Grans chair with Bhruic and Freya at my feet. The wonky Christmas tree twinkling away in the background. It’s a part of the family now.

Thank you to my kindling ♥️

It’s been a good day.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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