Day 251 low autumn sun really shows up your dirty windows doesn’t it?!?

Wow as much as I love it… my windows look dreadful in the low sun today. Now I’m not gonna lie, life with 3 border collies does not for a clean window make…. that said. They don’t look anything like that bad until the sun shines. It only seems like a few weeks since I cleaned them. So I thought I’d write this. Concentrate on the blog and not in the windows. The sun will pass…. (it has already… windows back to acceptable standard).

I woke up really stiff in the middle of the night. Now I have to say…. ok guys… not that funny…. I can hear the sniggering now. Sore joints, clenched muscles etc. it could be the standing out in the cold yesterday or maybe a lack of water as I hardly drank anything yesterday. Needless to say I had a lovely wee lie in until the back of 9 and I’m a bit looser now. Not sure why I even started this paragraph…. 😬😆

I had a look on The Rambling Sloth Instagram and FB pages as they always give me a positive news feed so a good way to start the day. I stumbled on a Glennon Doyle clip that for some reason I was drawn to. I very rarely watch things on Instagram but this called me to open it.

She was answering a question that she most gets asked……. “how do you know if you’re a writer”……. I felt like she was talking just to me. Click the link below if you want to watch it. There are subtitles so you don’t need sound. Wow…..

How do I know if I’m a writer??

No let’s get this clear, I hated English at school and yet I love writing this blog. There are days where it’s tougher than others but I feel a real connection putting “pen to paper”…. funny how we still say that.

So food for thought. I have notes from all over the place during my journey and maybe how’s the time to go back and write it all up and see what comes out?! who knows?

I fell with a giant this and am now growing in silence. Well I’m not because I never shut up blabbing about it all the time but you know what I mean!

The kitchen had been fully cleaned and tidied, the washing machine run on a clean the washing machine cycle and its time for a walk with the dogs. The weather is so changeable today it’s like a cold April!

“She’s taking photos again Freya… just keep walking… “
Amazing clouds
Half of the sheep were staring at us and the other half ran for the hill!
Blue sky coming
Love this tree!
My healing trees!
What is it with trees and sky?!?! Maybe I got bored taking pics of dogs?!

While I remember… a major breakthrough today in terms of COVID-19.

As always I will tell the truth on here. I am scared of being vaccinated. What if they’ve got it wrong and mass vaccination 💉 gives us other huge issues? I am fairly certain I will get it when the finally get to my age group but it does gnaw away at me and this is the next thing that everyone is fighting about.

Regular readers (😂) might be aware of my recent low mood and this next one sums it up perfectly. I have Kinesiology booked for this afternoon so that I can lose some of the anger that’s building up inside me.


Anyway it’s now 8.30pm! I’ve had to have the van’s front tyres blown up before I went out today, then had to jump start it… went to the supermarket and then kinesiology.

It was amazing as ever. I went in like a raging storm and came out like a calm breeze. Life would be so easy if I could get myself into that relaxed state by myself but I still need help with it for now. Was lovely to be out in the real world for an appointment… almost like normal.

I got back home at 7 and Claire and I went for a walk around Beith to look at Christmas lights. Sadly it was pretty wet and hardly anyone has their lights up yet which was surprising. Was still lovely to have a good gab and a wander in the dark for a change!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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