Day 1052 a frustrating day!

It’s been one of the those days where wee things have got to me and I’ve allowed them to spoil my mood.

I feel like a grumpy child having a tantrum inside my head because I can’t get my way.

It’s funny how “she who was floating on air” yesterday, is nowhere to be seen today. It was a beautiful morning first thing…. We were back up to the garage this morning so there were two campervans outside today.

Claire had sprayed de-icer all over Ailsa the tartan camper’s windows before she got to work, how considerate of her!

I thought I’d be clever and start up the diesel heater in Abbie, so she would be all defrosted and super toasty by the time I got back home…. An hour later she still has frosty windows and the error is back on the heater. Grump. Instead of driving to work in the beautiful sunshine and appreciating the view, I drove super grumpy and didn’t realise I’d got there until I was there. I’ve spent the day thinking I’ll just sell the van…. Get a wee run around with zero road tax and decent mpg….. overreaction much.

We had the pop top up at work today showing a customer…. Couldn’t resist a photo.

There is a very good chance that the hormones are raging at the moment.

I actually went through to the bedroom and punched the bed like a punch bag. I almost allowed myself to smile. That felt good.

I’m tired and feeling a bit sorry for myself… that’s all. I have a super busy weekend again and I just need some time to do nothing….. tonight I made dinner, did a washing and hung it up, washed the dinner dishes. I work hard when I’m grumpy!

I have chosen to just exist today and that’s not good. More effort required tomorrow.

Tonight I’m just gonna sit in whatever this is…. And feel it.

I also had some chocolate cake. 😆

Stay safe everyone and outta my way!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😆😘

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