Day 1030 one more sleep until the Scottish Caravan and Motorhome Show! 🚐

Well that was an interesting evening yesterday…..

The cramp just kept getting worse. Painkillers didn’t ease it off and neither did my hot water bottle. Usually the heat is an instant relief.

I literally had to move about on the couch every 5-10 minutes or so. Once I got comfy, it relaxed a bit until the next wave hit. Not gonna lie, there were silent tears most of the evening as I genuinely felt awfy sorry for myself.

It wasn’t the kind of depression tears though, just a feeling sad for the current situation. Also not a woe is me…. I know that this will pass. And it has….

I’ve been much better today. I actually slept most of the night, which was great but I didn’t go to the Farm this morning as still felt rotten, I looked all peely wally and my eyes were puffy from the tears.

Bit pathetic eh but it was really sore.

I’ve had twinges today but nothing like yesterday.

So it’s been an exciting, busy, yet very quiet day at Tartan HQ. The boys were at the SEC in Glasgow, setting up our stand at the show. It turned out they’d given us the wrong stand so we had to move everything around. A daft mistake by someone on Monday.

We are so very lucky to have two vans right outside the SEC which is a great advertisement. (these are not my pics as I wasn’t there today!)

There’s the same Finnieston Crane that I took a photo of last week when I was at the Scottish Trade Fair with the little gift shop. This is the year of the trade show! 😂

Here’s our stand!

And here are 3 of my smart looking Directors…. A girl can never have too many Directors 😂

This lovely van is up for sale at the show… I love it!

So yeah, that’s me for the next 4 days! If you happen to be at a loose end and nearby then pop along and say hello. We have smart new gear to wear so there will be plenty of photos.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 1031 The Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show 2023 day 1 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🚐♥️

You do know that I have to look up the name of this show every time I type it don’t you?! 😂

It’s 8.23am and I’m in the exhibitors car park at the Scottish Exhibition Centre. I’ve called Craig to let him know I’m here and that I survived. 🤦🏻‍♀️😳😆 there may have been a few wee shaky tears 🤦🏻‍♀️

I was so nervous about the drive here. Let’s be clear…. She who used to wheech all over Glasgow, in rush hour, twice a day to commute an 88 mile round trip… suddenly terrified of traffic. I’m just the gift that keeps on giving eh?!?

I honestly think this stems from getting the van stuck on a campsite in May last year, followed by Abbie’s summer of wobbling back end. I’m sure that’s all it is. Of course I don’t drive in rush hour any more so I’m not used to it, but driving never used to bother me in the slightest. In fact, I used to love it. I never understood people who were nervous of it.

Hullo…… thanks new anxiety. I’m not having this one. I think these next few days will really help. Oh I should say we’re not meeting until 9am so I am SUPER early, of course. Might try a wee bit later tomorrow and risk slightly busier traffic. Even as I write that I think, get a life and I’m laughing.

Now, just to try not and need the loo for the next half hour as I wait for my boss Gav to arrive. We’re meeting in the car park as I had to drive past the guy on the gate and tell him I don’t have my exhibitor pass yet…. He was less than impressed but he did let me in. 😂

All set in my new Tartan gear!


Fast forward…. It’s now 6.51pm and I am exhausted!!!!!!

What an amazing day. What a buzz. I have spoken to so many lovely people ALL day.

The show opened with Drums and Roses playing bagpipes and drums.

This in this photo they’re playing Summer of ‘69!

There are no photos of us on the stand. It was heaving. I never expected that at all, I mean, it’s a Thursday….. at one point our stand was literally swarming with people.

At one point Drums and Roses came into the show and played Highland Cathedral… I was chatting to a customer at the time so couldn’t listen properly but wow…. Special.

Suddenly it was 13.18 and there was a slight lull where I got a chance to run out and get some food. There was nothing much left so ended up with a vegan sausage roll, crisps and a DECAF coffee…. Check me remembering decaf. I’d done and 18.5 hours fast without even trying.

This shows how salubrious my lunch break was. I stood in a corner and ate the sausage roll, took the coffee back to the stand and ate the crisps on the drive home.

This is the only show shot that we got!! Stuart is so exhausted he’s having a snooze as we leave and I finally got a chance to have a drumstick lolly!!

Of course the exhibitor exit is half way to Glasgow…. We get out and have to double back towards Paisley to get to the car park… of course I exaggerate the size of the SEC but….. I then realise I’ve not got my handbag… and have to walk all the way back!! Despite all that, and being on my feet all day, I’ve only done 8,901 steps.

I am tired. My legs are jumping. Another 3 days of that. Wow.

Also realise I’ve lost my HRT patch somewhere so need to fit a new one…. That’s only the second one that ever fell off!

Craigie had venison lasagne in the oven and all the candles lit in time for me coming home. The drive back was way better than the way in. Totally confident tonight. Weird eh?!

So I’m looking forward to seeing mum and dad sometime tomorrow as they are coming to visit. If I get a chance they might get a wave 👋🏼 😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️