Day 1057 work and wild sea swimming again!

Oooooh it was a cold one today. The forecast was beautiful this morning….

So that never happened!!

Don’t think I saw the sun all day as it ended up super cloudy. To be fair, I was too busy to be outside but I was hoping for a lovely sunshine swim tonight. Instead it was very similar conditions to yesterday.

That sounds negative, I don’t mean to be. It’s lovely and calm and lovely to have a swim. After a busy day.

On our way in, water up to the boobies 😳😂 took us a wee minute to get our shoulders under.

The phone didn’t work much today and sadly stopped the 20 minute timer as it just did it’s own thing 😳😂 I think we knew when it was too cold and had to get out.

The water felt colder than yesterday but it may have been because there was more of a breeze.

How many chins!!?! Actually sent this to mum when she messaged and we were out in the sea. That was the only thing that actually worked phone wise. 😂

As I say that…. I KNOW it’s not all about documenting it. It’s just so exciting for me to be out there that I want a record of it. I will learn to appreciate the moment without the millions of photos and video clips.

I actually had pretty bad stomach cramp today. Way more painful than yesterday. It took the ooomph out of me a bit. I picked a task that’s needed doing for ages and concentrated on that, so I could see progress and feel like I was achieving something without having to think too hard. I

The cramp has been bad the last few months but I notice way more benefits of HRT than this one negative. I’m still documenting all of my menopause symptoms in the Balance app every night. I used to have a HUGE list of symptoms the intensity of each of them has reduced. Except stomach cramp.

Now that I’ve been swimming, it’s so much more relaxed. Such a relief. At one point today I thought I might not manage the swim.

And finally…. This is the reason I write this blog…. So that everyone knows that you don’t always feel how you look on the outside.

I share all my gloriously flawed and messy wondrousness. 😆

I love it!!

Stay safe everyone 💙🏊🏼‍♀️♥️