Day 1038 an anxious day but a lovely decaf coffee & catch up with Lea!

Awake at 5am. I felt a bit antsy. Tense. Like I’d been grinding my teeth overnight.

I tried to get back to sleep but couldn’t. I played heavy rain sounds, then crashing waves followed by a meditation. All 3 were lovely and calmed my racing thoughts but I didn’t have time to fall back to sleep.

I was really jittery all morning. As if I’d had some caffeine. (I hadn’t, for once!)

I felt really anxious, breathless, trying to do everything all at once. I’m still bad for this when I’m busy. I like to be in control and I hate when I can’t be.

So I tidied up the office. Tried to put as much of the Caravan Show stuff back into its original place. I threw some junk out, I cleared my feet and felt a bit better.

There were things I had to do today, that I’ve neglected since the Show. I couldn’t do it all and had to accept that it was ok.

Ellison brought her lovely homemade lentil and bacon soup in for lunch again today. I cannot tell you how good it is!!

We had lots of customers in today too. The show has generated a great amount of enquiries.

When I left at 4pm, it was the end of my 11th day in a row at Tartan Campers. You know how I love a wee stat….

  • Day 1038 of the blog,
  • 1498 days with alcohol,
  • 544 days without anti-depressants (this is the one that I actually cannot believe!!)
  • And first time ever working 11 days in a row!! Course I still have The little gift shop over the next two days!!

I’m struggling to walk properly after the Farm yesterday. First big workout in weeks taking its toll.

I went straight to Silverburn Shopping Centre and stretched my aching legs out as I walked to meet Lea in Starbucks.

Starbucks is our thing. Our go-to. We used to go there once a week years ago, before I even met Craig. When Starbucks was a big thing… now they are everywhere.

And yes I ordered decaf! An oat milk caramelised macadamia latte DECAF!!! We must have told the girl about 5 times. Lea will sleep tonight on her caffeine… I’m impressed!

We haven’t caught up for ages so it was great to get a chat. Also lovely that we just pick up where we left off. We swapped Christmas presents and mine was in a Tartan bag!!

I got lovely perfume!

There was a Love Hearts arch and folk kept stopping for photos so we took a couple!

I love that Lea still had all the bags in this one!!! We couldn’t get a decent selfie with the arch in it at the same time!

I was back home about quarter to 8 and all of a sudden it’s half past already! It will be time for bed soon. Farm again in the morning. Which will be interesting if I stiffen up even more overnight… 😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️