Day 1039 Fit Body Farm and The little gift shop

3am again. Wide awake. I tried to back to sleep and reckon I was completely successful…. About 10 minutes before the arm went off…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I got up for the Farm at 5am and felt so groggy and lethargic. Craig got the dogs up before I left….. look how tired they all look!!

Please don’t go…. Just throw the ball 🎾

Nope I’m gunna get it….

Bhruic looking super sleepy….

Just stop pointing the camera at me says Freya! She looks soooo p’d off 😂

Oh ok you can throw it now….

The workout was brilliant though, and it was lovely to see a couple of the girls I haven’t seen for ages. I am soooo sore now and can hardly walk!!

I came home at 7.30am and blitzed the housework. I was on a roll and knew, as soon as I sat down, that would be me…. So I kept on going.

Had to spend 20 minutes unblocking the hoover…. Realised that all I was doing was pushing dog hair around the house and it must be blocked. I had to take it apart! Then had to go back over everything once I unblocked it….. 😂 it feels great to have taken the worst off. There’s still loads that needs doing.

I got a message from a Gayle to say she was all ready for me at The little gift shop, with decaf coffee and oat milk!!! So nice of her.

I took sandwiches, for us both, for lunch and we had some lovely cake…. Forgot to take pics dammit… it was a Crunchie chocolate square. It was delish.

So Valentine’s Day is in full swing …. No men in to buy cards today but hopefully some tomorrow. We need to get more male customers! We don’t bite!

This is the shop window…. With very bad reflection.

Gayle is going to run a competition to win this amazing gift. My photos don’t do it justice!

Here’s a selection of cards and new Bomb Cosmetics. The shop smells lovely again today.

It was really good to be back and catch up on all the news and see all the new jewellery and smellies.

There was a big village funeral, today, for the lovely lady who died recently. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it but it was lovely to see her daughter when I came home from work and give her a hug. She said her mum would have been pleased with how today went. I’m glad she had a lovely send off. ♥️

I’m not gonna lie… I am shattered now. I’m needing some time off after 12 days straight working and I’m really looking forward to a rest. Bearing in mind….. I crave alone time and silence and I have talked for 12 days. 😂 ironically talking is probably what I do best…. And I secretly love it but it will be nice to retreat into myself for a day and a half before it all starts again on Monday.

Chinese ordered as I can’t possibly cook (ok do I ever? It was my turn tonight and I just can’t….) candles lit… just need to change into my comfies and I’m done for the day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️