Day 1053 taking back some control of my mood!

Ok so I had a pretty rotten end of day yesterday and felt really low. I fell asleep on the couch before 8pm, woke up at 10 and straight through to bed, slept till 6.30am. Out for the count.

Musta needed it! I feel so much better for a decent rest.

I looked out the window this morning and saw a lovely red sky. I jumped out of bed and pulled my running gear on and went up the hill with Calaidh.

I didn’t feel much like doing anything but since then I’ve gone out a second run with Bhruic and I feel much more energetic!

Our wee village looks lovely this morning.

I love the bank of clouds that are just above the hills…. They looked like they were all around the coast.

This next gate is very proud of its Scottish roots!!

So I did run as much as I could and just walked to get my breath back a bit. Obviously I stopped to take photos. I mean I would t be me, if I didn’t take photos….

From now on I’m out with Bhru…. Not that that really matters.

Loads of planes flying over the village this morning.

So I sat outside with my Slothee Coffee mug from the Crochet girls, had a black coffee and wrote this and then decided there was still enough in the tank to take Freya out. My 3rd run/walk before 9.30am. I’m at 10,456 steps before work! I’m going to post this next one again…..

I have made a concerted effort to enjoy life and appreciate the magic of it all, today. My circumstances haven’t changed, only my reaction to them.

The sun’s much higher in the sky by the time I get out with Freya.

Dog walks ✅ ✅✅

I have also joined the Gate Appreciation Society on FB….. I just did my first post. 😂

I’ve been at The little gift shop today and been loving pricing up all the lovely new things Gayle has in. I took a quick photo of the window.

As usual we get a great chat and catch up as we work and the day flew in. I hit a wall about 3.30pm and I’m now sat on the couch with my feet up…. Knackered!

It’s been a beautiful day and it’s been lovely to chat to everyone about the sunshine. We have such lovely customers…. You know me, as much as I need to be own my own and crave silence, I love me a good bit of chat!

Craig has been is the office all day today working on Scottish Dog Behaviourist stuff. He’s been up since 5 and is still sitting there just now and it’s nearly 5pm. I’ll need to break him away from it!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️