Day 1047 The little gift shop and Mum’s birthday!

It’s Mum’s birthday today and they’re coming over this afternoon so we can have dinner in the pub next door.

It’s 2.40pm and I’m in bed to write this and catch a quick 40 winks. They’ll be here at 4pm.

It was busy in The little gift shop today, as people came in to congratulate Gayle on taking on a 3rd shop in Lochwinnoch.

There was lots of excited chat!

I also cleared away Valentine’s Day and brought out Mother’s Day. (19th March in the UK!). Cleared the shop window out and cleaned the window and the front glass door.

Craig’s also started doing loads of FB posts for the Scottish Dog Behaviourist, so I’ve been sharing all that. There’s been a lot of social media…..

So yeah, I’m tired. Been up since 5am. Dogs walked, house cleaned.

It was a dreich morning but I got loads of photos today as there was a strange light in the sky.

There must have been a lot of rain overnight as the burn was swollen.

I became strangely obsessed with the pylons today….

The sky looked so heavy….it was really unusual.

So I have an hour till my folks get here. Gonna put this out now and get a quick Power Nap!!

Have a great Saturday afternoon and evening. Pics from out night to follow tomorrow!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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