Day 1042 the Fit Body Farm and a crazy busy day in the office!

I didn’t sleep great last night… woke at 1.30am, then again at 3 and finally up at 5am for Fit Body Farm.

It was a great session outside this morning. I love the outdoor workouts. It was actually light by the time I left at 7.30am!

The snowdrops are blooming in full force.

It was lovely to see the daylight that early… the forecast was for pure blue sky all day. It never really happened. I was soooo hoping for a sunset at the beach after work tonight. It was not to be!

There were sunny spells today but nothing f of any significance. Shame! I was looking forward to a good dose of vitamin D.

Work was crazy busy today. The customer enquiries have just kept flooding in since the show. It’s been an amazing response. The phone has not stopped ringing all day! I have taken more work instead of actually doing any… all day!!

It’s all good. It’s been a fun day. I’ve felt a bit excitable, a bit giggly. It’s been a lot better than getting stressed out.

I don’t like being out of control but I’ve actually laughed at it today…. That’s the way to be. And long may it continue.

I’m cuddling with Bhruic on the couch now.

Will go into work early tomorrow to try to get some done before the phones start ringing again.

In an instant!!!!

So that’s all from me tonight.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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