Day 1032 The Scottish… Motorhome…. Show day 2…. I still keep forgetting the whole name 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Another very busy day at the Show today! It’s such a buzz, it literally barely stops and we are giving so many people information about our business. I feel very proud when I talk about what we do.

I have loads of photos today. Craig ran me in and the traffic was so much lighter…. I believe there might have been a teacher’s strike today? We got there at 9am and went for a walk down on the River Clyde.

The Paddle Steamer Waverley is moored at the Glasgow Science Centre over the winter, just next to the Glasgow Tower. I had the best day out on her in mid October. 🚢

The Clyde is so still just not quite a perfect reflection.

We walked down the Clyde and past the BBC Scotland building.

Then round the side of the Armadillo which is a fascinating building, to see the Tartan Campers outside the SEC.

And yes… obligatory photo!

Mum and Dad came all the way over from Edinburgh today. So good to see them and they actually spent a long time at the show.

Tried to get a pic of us all before they left…. This was the best!

We managed to get a half hour lunch which was lovely and a couple of chats as they passed our stand.

These Pikachus were on the rounds this morning 😂

Finally got a pic on the stand before the madness started this morning. this is my “hurry up and take the photo Craig, I’m embarrassed” face 😂.

So yeah it’s been another lovely day. It’s so important to be about to get the word out there and become recognised in the industry…. Doing what I do best, talking and smiling at people all day. 😂 I don’t feel like I need to sit in a dark room yet… I might need to by Sunday night!!!

Finally end of show team selfie with Stuart and Gav…. How funny that they kept shutting their eyes in every picture but finally got one…. 🙄😬

Happy Friday night to you all. Just about to get dinner and chill.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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