Day 1006 a shaky start, a brazing walk by the sea, a lovely lunch and passports applied for!

It’s 8am. I had a great, cosy sleep, I’ve woken up and something doesn’t feel quite right.

I’ve been grinding my teeth in the night. My jaw feels tense. I feel tense. As I write that I can feel tears forming but my jaw relaxing. Honestly, you should try this. Writing stuff down. It really does help.

I don’t want to spend another Sunday being grumpy.

It’s my only day off in the week and I have the fear that I need to spend it working through the list of things that “need” doing. Uh huh this old chestnut again.

So I’ve read through my FB feed on The Ramblg Sloth page and filled myself with thoughts of gratitude.

Be productive yet calm and let go of what I can’t control.

I love this next one too. This week has been very busy and full so maybe some time alone today will be good.

There is so much life still ahead of me that is doesn’t all need doing today. I know that….

I will choose to be positive today but I might have to work a bit harder at it than other days.

I really like this next one. Eckhart Tolle talks about the ego. I am really trying not to let the ego take over in my life and work on being the highest version of myself.

The bottom one is still the one that needs work. I can still be reactive but I’ve come SO far from the girl who was made redundant. She was reactive and defensive to EVERYTHING. (Capital letters mean a whole lot!! 😂)

Getting up now!

I took the dogs out before 9am and I was really het up. I don’t even know if that’s English or not….. I was wound up, tense, waiting for the worst case scenario. I heard a dog bark and was on high alert all the way round.

The dogs were great and we actually had a really good walk.

I came home and started to cry as I walked through the door. I hate that some days the dog walk is so hard for me. I build it up to be the most stressful thing ever and it’s all in my head. We had no issue today and I walk through the door and still the relief is immense. Poor Craig got the blubbering again.

Anyway, then the day took a really good turn.

We have to apply for new passports as ours ran out in 2020, when the world had stopped. We need them for Iceland in May.

With this postal strike, who knows if that will be enough time?!

We tried to take the photos in the house but couldn’t get the lighting right at all. So we headed down to Tesco in Irvine to get the photos from a passport Photo Booth…. It turns out there is a “lady” who actually takes your photo and gets it verified and gives you a code!

Who knew?!?

Now it’s £12.99, which is not cheap but hey…. Craig’s is really good. Mine is very shiny faced…. I will have it for 10 years but that is ok. I am happier with the real me now.

After our photography session, we did a food shop and then headed to our favourite Gro coffee for lunch as we got vouchers, for Christmas, from Craig’s sister, Lisa.

There was a 45 minute wait, so we went for a walk down to the beach front in Irvine.

It was wild!! So wild it was exhilarating to watch!

There was virtually no beach. I’ve never seen it like that.

None of the photos do it justice.

I’ve put a video clip up on The Rambling Sloth FB page. A wave came right in as I was filming the clip 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 to be fair it was always gonna happen.

It was bracing!! By the time Gro called us, we were ready for food. I’d done 19 hours of fasting.

I had Breakfast Tachos and Craig had a toasted sandwich with goats cheese, haggis and tomato. That was 3 hours ago and I’m still full. Just shows me how my stomach has shrunk by fasting. We brought cakes home but I still can’t even think about eating them!

But I will….. 😂 puppers in the photo to show just how big the cakes are!!

I’ve made lentil soup and I have a Bean Stew in the slow cooker. Check me. I don’t plan these things. I surprise myself!

I’ve had a lovely day and just like that it’s Sunday night already. Here’s to a great week for us all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️🧁♥️

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