Day 999 New Years Day 223 loony dook 🏊🏼‍♀️🥶 and a special day in our village pub 🥳🎊🎉

Happy New Year!! Day 999 wow…. That’s a fab number 😂

True peace is all I ask. 💜

Can any of you believe it’s 2023?! Even typing that just now seems like a really big number. I remember back to the millennium where the thought of anything in the 20’s seemed quite space age and futuristic. 😂

I had a lovely day yesterday and we did indeed stay home, so my nails could match my jammies.

Hogmanay in jammies!!

I cleaned the bedroom and the hallway, emptying wardrobes, cupboards, reorganising and finally making the Christmas bed…. Better late than never huh?!

I try to keep the dogs off it until the blanket is dry…. It was a never ending battle 😂

I fasted for 21 hours yesterday. Really easily though I had to admit, I was a bit shaky by the time I sat down to eat something.

I finished my book “Snowed in for Christmas” and then we watched tv. The Hogmanay shows were really poor this year. It’s almost as if no-one wanted to work on Hogmanay (which is fair enough) as everything was prerecorded. Even the count down to the bells on STV. None of the annual comedy shows either…. I think we probably both wished we had popped next door to the pub. But….. my night in allowed me an early morning today!

The official Loony Dook is held in South Queensferry between the Forth Rail and the old road bridges.

A loony is someone who is considered to be a bit crazy and a dook is a dip in water 😂

I met my friend Ellison, from Tartan, and her sister Eileen and some of her friends in Irvine at 9am.

Should say here, despite being very disappointed in Sports Direct initially, when my first wetsuit zip broke…. I sent it back and they processed and retuned it within about 4 days, right before Christmas. Cannot fault that service!

It was lighter than it looks in the photos, but so still and calm after last nights wind and non-snow. The forecast had been for loads of snow and it didn’t happen.

I arrived early so went to take some photos… naturally. 😂

Look at the debris on that box like structure. The storms have brought in loads of branches and logs.

There’s not a sound. Barely a breathe of air and a handful of people around. I only passed about 4 cars the whole trip there. Zero driving anxiety today!

And breathe….. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Ellison and I in our matching wetsuits… I kept calling it a onesie 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I went to put on my new gloves and they were both right hands!!!! One day my wild sea swimming kit will behave and be in order. Thankfully one of the other girls had spare gloves. So kind of her to lend me them.

As we walked out the cold seeps everywhere…. The wetsuit socks make a huge difference, from the last time I went in without any, and allow me to walk straight in. It’s cold and I did still feel it in my feet until we got swimming.

I absolutely loved every minute of it.

I am still buzzing.

It was out of this world.

A truly magical experience.

You get the picture.

I haven’t stopped grinning.

The water is just so calm and peaceful. We had so many laughs as one of the guys had a hole in his wetsuit. Our giggles carried across the water.

I also realised I could use my float as a pillow at one point. Had a wee float around!

Here’s the whole group. What a lovely bunch. They made me feel so welcome.

By the time we are out of the water, the cold really starts to take hold.

It’s so hard to get dried when your skin is that cold. I’d deliberately taken loose, warm clothes and I they stuck to my ice cold skin. I started to chitter so got dressed as fast as my cold hands would allow.

Just as I was getting ready to leave I noticed a group of Gateside girls heading for the sea so we all had a new year hug! I could hardly speak 😂

I drove straight up the road and got into bed, fully dressed as Craig had put the electric blanket on! Bliss!

I stayed in bed for almost 2 hours and then realised we had to be in the pub for 1pm…. Got showered and ready super fast.

New Year’s Day is big in our village. Lots of people come out to the pub to wish each other a happy new year.

Quick change!!

His beer obvs

I have had THE best afternoon. Honestly, I have just hugged, chatted and laughed all afternoon.

Holly bought me in Nosecco so I had a whole bottle to myself. I’ve also managed about 4 0% gin and tonic…. There is only so much fizz you can drink when it’s not alcohol….. I’m full to bursting 😊

Here’s a selection of photos from the day!

I don’t think I’ve stopped grinning….

We played the best game. Now I detest games with a passion. (Wonder why, must explore that thought in future….) but this one involves adding magnets 🧲 into a string circle ⭕️ and trying to get rid of all of your magnets first. If you attract any when you place yours down…. You have to add them to your stack. What a hysterical laugh we have had.

Just the best day.

One of our neighbours Michelle, came in to specifically buy Craig and a drink…. How lovely is that?! Very special.

Rachel two doors down went a bit crazy over last orders and ended up with THE largest Boë Violet gin!!

So we’re back home now and just had the traditional steak pie dinner.

A huge plateful to soak up all the fizz.

I’m back on the fasting now…. About to get the comfies on and choose my evening’s viewing.

While I continue to grin from ear to ear. 😁

I know this next year won’t always be as special as today but it’s been an amazing start to 2023.

Four year’s sober. I’ll wake up as fresh as a daisy tomorrow but I was right there in the thick of it all. Loving every minute.

A very Happy 2023 to you all xxx

Stay safe everyone 😁😁😁