Day 1005 in the little gift shop and DATE NIGHT!

Jeez I’m tired now. It’s half 1 on Saturday afternoon and I think I’ve hit a wall. 3.5 days back into Julie two jobs and I’m ready for a rest!

This was the scene when I left this morning….

Could she be any more cute?!? Bhruic has a ball on the floor that Calaidh needs…. 😂

It’s been another lovely morning in the little gift shop. There’s been a steady stream of lovely customers all morning. I got a chance to take some photos today.

All Christmas stock is half price. I had to try and walk away with nothing today. 😂

It’s emptied out quite a bit now getting ready for new 2023 stock to arrive… although Gayle is at the mercy of the delivery companies now! We did get a good few lovely things in though…. Here’s a wee sneak preview of the colour of things to come!

Wonder what these might be for?!?

They’re only £3.50 each!!

I managed to clean the windows in Abbie the Campervan this morning. Some before work and the rest after. The windscreen was really bad after I had to scrape the frost off the inside the other day. I finally remembered to clean it and it’s like a whole new world has opened up before me!!

I’m back home and had a bite of lunch along with my vitamins. I managed a 16 and a half hour fast today. I should say that the app I’m using is called Zero. It’s really good as I “stop fast” the minute I put something in my mouth the “start fast” again the minute I stop eating. I’m very precise about it!! 😂

This also reminds me that I am a regular filler-inner of the Balance app which is for women of a menopausal age. (My grammar wins again!)

It’s a really good way of keeping a track of your symptoms if you think you are peri or post menopausal.

My symptoms are lessening by the day now that I’ve lost that dreadful fear I had before Christmas.

I have scheduled and phone appointment with the doctor, on Wednesday, between 11 and 1, for my 3 month HRT review. I have an appointment on 18th to have the Mierna coil fitted, which will deliver progesterone on a daily basis, internally. It will save me taking tablets a fortnight on and a fortnight off.

That is what I wanted and yet, now as the time comes, I’m not sure whether to get it or not.

I know it will hurt when it’s fitted and I am worried if will knock my new equilibrium off balance. (Check me talking about equilibrium’s eh?! I do think I’m more balanced than I have been for a long time though!)

So I need to make a decision soon. So that someone else can have my space if I chose not to get it.

The first month of HRT gave me a very heavy and painful period so I think I got a fright. I hadn’t felt cramp like that in a long time. The last two have been so much less painful. The second was virtually nothing and this one is heavier but not sore.

Ok I’m away down a rabbit hole again. I know this is very personal information to share but I want to help normalise the chat around this time in women’s life. Maybe help you guys understand why we turn into she-devils at times. 😆

Anyway…. I have to decide what to do!

So I’ve been out in the back garden cleaning up while I kicked tennis balls for the dogs… trying to tire them out. Came back in and hung up a washing and sat down in Gran’s chair, for a wee nap in the afternoon sunshine.

It’s lovely and warm with the sun streaming through the windows. For those of you new to the blog, I used to while away the days in Gran’s chair, when I was sick. It’s her old recliner chair that I got when she died. It’s constantly covered in a big fleece blanket but it’s super comfy for a nap. I just don’t use it so much anymore. A sign of healthier times!

Just reading that back and I’ve waffled something rotten tonight. 😳😆

Craig and I have actually been out for dinner. Out out…. We went to Scott’s in Largs with a voucher I got for my 50th birthday from my brother, sis-in-law and nephew.

Now we don’t go out much and we were very lucky to have a voucher but jeeeeez, it was expensive. There’s a surf and turf on the menu for £44.95!!! I quite fancied that too…. 😂

Craig had fish and chips and I had chicken tempura with chilli and Parmesan chips.

He had salted caramel cheesecake and I had a tablet sundae. It was sugar overload but out of this world.

It’s only 7.30pm and we are home already. Fastest service in the west 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 To be fair. That’s my kind of night out. Nice meal, followed by jammies and a movie….. life in the fast lane eh?!?

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night. I’ve hit “start fast” already!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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