Day 1007 of course I had caffeine after 1pm yesterday!!

I lay in bed. Tired but wide awake. My heart beating like a bass drum. Dammit…. That Coconut Milk Cappuccino in Gro had caffeine in it…. I forgot to ask for decaf again. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It felt like it took me forever to fall asleep, and yet…. I would talk you I’d been awake all night.

This is where the Fitbit is quite good as I don’t realise when I have slept in between. 6 hours 23 isn’t enough for me but it will have to do as I’m off to the Farm this morning. 🤦🏻‍♀️😴

The farm was really good. I was still buzzing on caffeine by the time I got there. We worked hard again this morning.

I couldn’t get a heat all day today. It was pouring for most of the day and pretty windy. I had the chills. I did have my spicy bean casserole for lunch today AND it used up 4 tins and half a tube of tomato purée out of the cupboard!! That was the real win. I have had those tins of beans for a long time.

It does just look like a bowl of beans 😂😂 it was nicer than that. Honest.

I managed an 18.5 hour fast before I ate today. Still going well.

We got a steak pie for dinner tonight courtesy of Craigs mim…. Thanks to Doug for dropping it off this morning. I had a very Scottish dinner….. my homemade lentil soup to start, steak pie and curried haggis balls for mains. 😂 who knew curried haggis balls were a thing?!?

I love this next one…. It’s so true. The office was so loud today and the heavy rain only added to it. Poor Craig’s at work but it’s giving me the evening to decompress.

Jeez I’m so dramatic at times 😂

I know….. 😂

Oh I should say I’m still following Orjenise, on Instagram, to clear 100 things out of the house by the end of January.

The last few days have been to give things back to people that you borrowed from (in the hope they don’t do the same!)

To have fresh eyes around the house and think about what you no longer use and today was to clear up all the apps on your phone. I love this focus on clearing out. A tidy house is a tidy mind for me.

So that’s all for a Monday night. Just had some sad news of the passing of a lovely lady who had a big part to play in our village. A real shock and a reminder to tell everyone that you love them. ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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