Day 735 finally a COVID free house again!

Oor Craigie is finally COVID free! He tested negative for a second time so is good to go. Of course that doesn’t mean he’s immediately better, he’s been more breathless today.

I’m finally feeling better, like the cold has finally gone… as I type that, I cough! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 but I do feel a lot less bunged up.

I’ve had another productive day today. I had some anxiety about work again when I woke up but it went quickly when I got moving.

I sat outside this morning and Brasso’d all the kitchen cupboard and drawer handles. I love that I made that into a verb! Brasso’d!

Now I should say here that it was nowhere near as much fun as I expected it to be. It would appear that Brasso is great for polishing and not for removing years of built up dirt and lacquer.

I get very frustrated at that as I need it to be immediate. I want to to put all the handles back on right now… I don’t want to find other ways of cleaning them. I want the Brasso to work. Now. (Story of my life this eh?!)

So I turn a blind eye to them and get them fitted back on. They do look a damn sight better than they did. My hands are like sand paper today despite wearing rubber gloves.

The kitchen is still not finished but it’s so much better than it was. Another day or work or so but that can wait.

I had a shower and ended up cleaning the bathroom, as you do.

I then went down to the Co-op to get some food for the week. Check me.

I’m watching the new series of Bridgerton as I write this. For someone who doesn’t like period drama, I sure do love Bridgerton.

So this weekend has been really good. I’ve not wanted to go out at all and have been happy staying at home and getting things done. It hasn’t really felt like a chore…. Except for the Brasso obviously!

I haven’t felt anxious like I usually do at weekends, trying to fill my days with a huge list of tasks. I’ve taken each moment at a time and it feels like it’s been a really long weekend. In a good way. I feel refreshed and relaxed.

My diet is still lazy and pretty shocking but I’ve done 3 food shops in the last few days and it’s not been the end of the world…. I have survived. 😆

Who knows… maybe this week I might actually cook some of it…. Maybe.

This is our Sunday almost evening reminder that we can handle everything this week throws at us. I hope for a lot more calm as I love feeling like this and long may it continue.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

7 thoughts on “Day 735 finally a COVID free house again!

  1. Yay for Craig 😊being negative.. 🥳now you can get on with your lives…. when he feels up to it of course. While we are one step behind you. What’s all this media rubbish about Omicron giving you mild symptoms?? Doesn’t sound like yours and Craig’s were that mild and David’s certainly not. My boss has decided I’m positive even though I’m negative, if you see what I mean (!). I am only possibly allowed into the office in the evening this week when no one else is there.. as I can’t really do my job from home. What a palaver I’m not even very ill 😷! X

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    1. Oh I’m so very sorry to hear that. That’s a bit ridiculous of your boss but I understand why they are worried I guess. The symptoms have not been great at all. It’s taken so long to go away. I hope your symptoms continue to be mild and you don’t get it. Stay safe lovely xxx

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  2. Thank you. My boss is actually very nice, but he’s a doctor and has a lot of elderly patients, so best to be safe! I hope I haven’t given it to him already but so many of his colleagues have it at the moment too, it’s everywhere! X

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    1. Then I completely understand his fear. I’m sorry you have to work evenings though, I’m useless beyond 7pm these days!! It is everywhere just now and so funny that you guys are just two weeks behind us after us avoiding it up until now! Xx

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