Day 752 a lovely visit from Auntie Marion!

It 9.26pm…… I am only just started the blog now… how late can I be?!?

This was me crossing the road at 5.30am.… well not me but the road I crossed!

The Farm at 5.50am.

I was weighed this morning and have put on 2lbs… that’s what happens when you have a cake every single day for 3 weeks… I guess. Changes need to be made!

This was really sun when I left.

It’s been a lovely day all day. Cold this morning but got warmer as the day went on. I’ve not stopped all day!

It was busy at work as usual but I left sharp tonight as my Auntie Marion and Gordon had come over to a hotel in Irvine for a few nights.

It was so lovely to see them. I haven’t seen her for so long especially since COVID so it was lovely to get some quality time together.

We took a drive down Irvine Beach and it was beautiful…. It was so stunning.

The sea was calm and it was warm enough for a T-shirt. Positively tropical. We went for a walk and sat on a bench and had a good catch up.

It was just so calm and peaceful and a lovely way to spend a “school night”.

We went back to the Riverside Hotel and had dinner. I was super impressed with the meal. I had Tandoori Salmon for mains.

And the trio of desserts…. Not the best photo!!

Highly recommended for those of you who are local.

So apologies for the rushed blog but I need to get to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

A lovely evening with a good catch up, stunning views and wonderful food.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️