Day 733 a very productive day and chilling by 2pm

Let’s not speak too soon but I think I might be finally finished painting the kitchen cupboards.

It’s like painting the Forth Rail Bridge… it just seems to go for ever and you no sooner finish one end than you have to start again at the other end.

No seriously, I think the cupboards are all done. There are no photos as the place is still a mess and we need to sand the wooden surfaces and put all the handles back on the doors and drawers. Hopefully though, the most difficult part is done.

I have my feet up outside on my new bench…. Don’t think I took any photos when we got it.

Phew that took a bit of orchestrating but it was worth it! I’m holding a giant bone to get them to sit like this 🤣

I managed to break the old bench last week when I was working from home…. A slat broke underneath me 🤦🏻‍♀️

So this one is highly recommended. It came from Robert Dyas on line and was only £147 delivered. It’s pretty chunky so I’m really impressed with it.

I’m sitting on it now in the sunshine and I’ve just spent the last 5 minutes trying to get a photo of a bee 🐝 on the plant next to me.

I managed to get it hovering above the flower. My mum will laugh at this as I’ve always been terrified of bees and wasps since I was stung around the age of 4. Just the sound of a buzz was enough to send me running. Oh how things have changed.

The weather has been a game of two halves today. When the sun is out it almost feels hot. The minute it goes behind a cloud…. Freezing!

Every now and then I have to share my bench!

And she is very, very hairy right now. We’re back to moulting season again.

So I had two dog walks this morning… started off sunny and ended up freezing!

Lovely sunshine like yesterday!

Out with Calaidh and Bhruic as Freya has a sore leg and needs to rest. She’s limping quite badly and has been for a few days now.

They had lots of fun in the burn again.


Then the clouds started to move in.

This next photo is taken in the same place as the first sunny photo. What a difference our weather makes.

I got home and took Freya out for a short walk on the lead. These daffies looked lovely.

Come on mum we can walk faster than this she says….

It’s no fun when I can’t get a run off the lead…

So the rest of the day has been spent painting. I am now covered in paint and dog hair. Attractive much.

So in other good news Mr A tested negative today! He told me it was positive first thing and then checked again a while later and it was actually negative. So finally things will return to normal.

In other good news this is the first weekend in a long time that I feel calm. I don’t feel anxious at all.

I did wake up worrying about work but that passed when I got up.

I’ve put no expectations on myself this weekend. Anything I did that wasn’t nothing was a bonus. Finishing the kitchen was a huge bonus!!

So another quiet night for us. Last night in covid jail for oor Craigie but to be fair it’s always a quiet night these days.

Just how I like it!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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