Day 646 back to routine after Christmas!

Oooooh the 4.45am alarm was rough. To be honest it’s the thought of getting up and going back to normal which is way worse than actually doing it.

So I was up straight away as I had a weigh in and 5.45am…. And it was super cold and frosty. Thankfully Abbie had her windscreen wrap on. Even taking it off and getting in the van meant I had to sit for a few minutes to demist.

So weigh in news was all good…. I have maintained my weight through Christmas with no gain. Now while some would look for a loss, she who eats anything she can get her hands on…. Is actually pretty impressed with a maintain. I usually put on about half a stone or more over Christmas.

Th Farm was great this morning. Hard work out in the bitter cold but soon we were all whisking our hats and jackets off!

It was beautiful when I left.

It’s so lovely to see almost daylight leaving the Farm and heading to work. It’s a sign that the nights are getting shorter.

Abbie was looking spooky in the morning light.

It’s so still and calm and very, very cold.

So work was good today. Passed in a flash!

I’d looked at my work phone at 5am and spent the next few hours worrying about things I had or hadn’t done. My head chattered away until I actually got in and for on with it.

I had nothing to worry about. Anything that caused me concern was dealt with early on.

I was home at 4.30pm and it was still almost light then too.

My dinner was rotten…. Craig’s working tonight so will be so thankful he missed it….. cod fillet and cauliflower…. With a bit of cheese sprinkled over it. No photos as it was all white. 🤣🤣🤣 and bland… very bland. 🤣

Even Bhru is sticking her tongue out at it. 🤣🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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