Day 667 I’m home in bed sick-ill 🤢🤮 can we go back to yesterday?!?!

Jeezo man. What. A. Day. 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

It started when I went to bed last night and thought I had a sore stomach. Craig prodded it. I said stop doing that it hurts. He said I’m not. He did it again. 😳😬 He now feels a wee bit bad for that joke.

I’m taking this ironically as lots of things inside me have changed today 🤣🤣

At 12.30am I woke up and ran to the bathroom and since then I’ve been between there and the bedroom all day. I’ve got out of bed at 16.39 just to see if a change of scenery may help.

How many days have I sat at work and dreamed of a day in bed? Not this though. Never like this.

At some point I fell off the toilet and Craig found me in a crumpled heap covered in sick as I was trying to be sick in the bath.

I went back to bed and was back up to be violently sick about 3ish. I never clocked the time. I had some water then as I felt really dehydrated.

At 5am I messaged the Fit Body Farm and work…. Told them both that i wouldn’t be there but that I was finally keeping water down. At 5.02am it all came right back up. I checked the time to note the irony of it. I had sent the text to my boss at 5am on the dot.

So to be fair that was the last time I was sick. The water is staying down but not in. I’ll take that any day over being sick.

I drank some water out of a bottle last night that might have been sitting for a while. By a while… I really have no idea. Could be a week, could be more or less. I gulped it down as I was so thirsty and straight away thought I maybe shouldn’t have done that.

So it’s either the water or a bug. If it was just the water I’d have thought I’d feel better by now. I’ve been drinking all day as I have a thumping headache. I also have real shakes and shivers when I’m out of bed.

I’m a right wee sorry soul.

This is the one thing that made me smile today… there’s always a secret third way to worry 🥴🤣

Craig brought watermelon in and I’ve had a wee drop so fingers crossed. The stomach cramps are really painful so I feel it may just be a matter of time. Also assume that when you need to go you need to go. Never trust that you don’t. I made that mistake today too.

A guy I went to school with saw this actual photo on a porta loo wall today… I pinched it as it’s a bit of sick humour for today 🤣

So all in all I’m wallowing is huge vat of self pity feeling absolutely rotten. I’ve had to make a few work calls but felt better for doing them than ignoring them.

I’ve done a whole 1,257 steps today. My legs and arms are like jelly. Jeez I bet you’re all enjoying this eh?!? sorry I feel the need to share.

Safe to say I am never cooking last night dinner ever again either. Ever. Ever. I can’t even type the words.

I can’t even eat a cookie!!!

I’ve tried to read but I’m too tired to concentrate but then when I try to sleep I can’t because of the pounding headache and the cramps. I’m just floating listlessly around being a pathetic patient. Me no likey.

These guys have been with me all day. Taking it in turns to bounce on momma’s tummy. I let them out and gave them a treat for being so good
Always Calaidh into the living room and Freya outside while Bhru eats right in front of you

So I’ve cancelled my poppy crocheting with the Hookers. Craig’s out at work so I’m gonna sit here and wallow some more and hope to hell this thing passes tonight.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️