Day 671 the bug gift that keeps on giving…. Day 5 😔

Jeez… I use that a lot these days…. It’s exhausting being this exhausted. Sunday afternoon already and we’ve move from bed to the living room and back to bed.

We didn’t sleep so well last night. We both ate a sparrows portion of food last night and within half an hour we’re ensconced in our separate bathrooms again on and off all evening. literally within minutes of each other. Never expected that at all.

It would appear that hungry, dizzy and lightheaded far outweighs the getting food inside you.

Now I want to know what the hell I’m dealing with…. I start looking up more about what this blessed thing is and how I might have caught it.


Wish I hadn’t bothered. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Now it’s ok for Craig (is it? Really?) as he knows it’s only mine he consumed….. (yes I said those words) and yes he is one helluva lucky guy for me to share that with but WHO THE HELLS did I put in my mouth?!?!?!? (Is that even English?!?!?) We know no one else who is stuck with this just now. It could have come from anywhere. My humour is sadly weary today or I might find this a bit more funny.

I sat in front of the wood burning stove for a while watching the logs burn. It’s amazing how you spend your time when you can’t do anything else.

It was beautiful to watch. Yeah I know… 🥴

I did actually walk the dogs today which is something. The forecast is horrific again later so I went out before 11am in a bid to avoid the rain…. Of course the heavens opened the minute I set out the door but it stopped after about 10 minutes. As Storm Malik moves on apparently Storm Corrie moves in. My lovely Gran and Gramps had a dog called Corrie that we grew up with. Lovely memories. My mind is wandering 🤣🤣

The girls were so good. They didn’t pull at all. Just kept me steady. They’ve had such a rotten week. No fun at all. We know!

Huge rain cloud
Perfect formation
The sun actually came out
This was actually a huge ball in the sky but the light was so dark (yeah I know I’m kinda delirious!)

When I got home I settled into Gran’s chair to read while Craig lay on the couch. I took a selfie…. I am honestly smiling in this pic. I had my hat, scarf and blanket on.

I then moved through to el coucho 🛋 and watched 2 episodes of Graham Norton before coming through to bed for another sleep. They say a change of scenery from time to time does you good.

I’ve had some pasta with cheese. I wasn’t going to eat but we have to keep our strength up somehow. Can only wait and see how it goes.

I honestly never thought this could last so long. I’ve barely moved since 12.30 on Tuesday night when it all started. I expected to feel better by Thursday or Friday at the very latest.

Minus the crisps!
The tulips are screaming out to us just now

It’s been so lovely to have these flowers to look at. Once the tulips are done the rest of them will last for ages. Can probably even be dried.

So thanks so much for all your kind messages. We’ll sit it out again this afternoon and see what it throws at us as Storm Corrie brews.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️