Day 652 My Octopus Teacher 🐙 what a beautiful film ♥️

Not much to say about my day today other than it was busy. I finally managed to read my emails which I haven’t done since we went back on 5th January though so that’s something!

It’s also been so lovely to leave work in the daylight again. So much hope for some warmth of summer… hey still a long way to go for that mind you. Ahhhh flip flops…. 🩴


So….I’ve been wanting to watch My Octopus Teacher for a while now and never quite got round to it. i think you make time for something when you know that you need it. so I’ve watched it tonight as poor Craig is working late.

What a beautiful story. 🐙 Its a film about about a guy who suffered from burnout and couldn’t function at his job anymore. He started cold water swimming in the sea next to his house and he starts filming this octopus that he comes across. He decides to go back down there every day to watch her progress.


It’s such a calming and heartwarming story to follow. A naturally sad ending but Bhruic was lying on my leg and she turned to give me extra cuddles when the tears fell at the end.

I would never have slowed down enough in the past to watch something like this. Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful and amazing. He learned so much from the Octopus in the ocean. I’ve learned so much from watching it.

She (the octopus!) taught him that everyone is very important and to sense how vulnerable all our lives on this planet. She taught him that we are part of this place and not just a visitor.

I’ve just had a big cuddle with Freya and really felt present when I cuddled her. I know how crazy I sound but it’s really calmed my head.

I was a bit frazzled today… I knew I needed something to calm that completely.

We got this lovely pot of hyacinths when Lorna came for a meeting with Craig a week or so back. They are starting to bloom and I was so pleased to see there are mini daffodils in there!

This face ♥️

I’m never that fussed about cooking when Craig’s not here yet tonight I made green lentil and cauliflower curry. From scratch, without planning it and using food we had in the house.

What is the world coming to?

Check me!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️