Day 643 a day of cleaning!

It’s 8.21pm already…. Today has flown by!

We were up at 8am but had a great sleep, was out for the count all night. Amazing.

Decided this morning that we’d get the Christmas tree and decorations all boxed away for another year.

It was looking a bit dry and sorry for itself!
Wee sad sorry tree!

So naturally we had to clean everything that came in contact with the tree on the way out. The needles were everywhere! Probably be finding them for months. The house looks so bare without it.

Then there was a muddy van to clear out. We had all the fun today! It’s all cleaned and smelling lovely…. And most of our stuff is washed. I love cleaning the van to be honest and getting it all ready for going away again. Funny how the minute we are back I want to go away again.

While I was doing that Craig went to move his car only to find out the battery was dead.

Here we are jump starting!

We then took it for a good long drive down to Irvine and back just to boost the battery back up again but will have to get it booked into the garage as it must need a new battery.

So that was our morning and early afternoon.

I honestly don’t know where the rest of the day went?! Well I do but it was fast….

We did a quick food shop for our lovely neighbours who are in Covid isolation and then I took the dogs out. Didn’t take my phone as it was charging and it was just as well as it was such a miserable looking day. We all wanted it to be over fast.

I managed to sit down for a bit in front of the fire with Freya cuddles. I’m back watching the Crown again. Craig was having a drink in the pub and then I went in after 5.

Now it’s 9pm. Time flies when you’re cleaning.

It’s been a funny day. The street has been so quiet as no one really had anywhere to go. Not only is it the 2nd January but a Sunday too. It’s been nice to have zero plans and get things done.

A doing day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️