Day 428 Abbie the Campervan in van hospital AGAIN!

How lovely is this?!

Can’t believe I forgot to tell you this yesterday. I’m so used to the van being broken that it passed the blog by yesterday.

So the good news is that she passed her MOT.

The end. 😬

I wish….. while reversing off the ramp she just stopped driving. They couldn’t shift her.

Today she’s having a new drive shaft fitted.

I still need the turbo gasket replacing but the parts aren’t due until Thursday so I’ll book that in for next week. Happy days.

I’m not totally stressed out about all this as it is a 12 year old van with nearly 100k miles on the clock so I guess these things happen and at least I’ll know it’s all new. Can’t wait to find out how much this lot costs. NOT!

It meant a reorganisation to the morning as Craig had to drive me to work. So he had to miss the gym, then just before we left I realised Morrison’s were coming with the food shopping between 8 and 9 and Craig wouldn’t be back. We had to leave a note and a box for the Morrison’s guy to ask him to leave the food.

He actually called me to let me know it was all safe and packed behind the front door. The Morrison’s guy that is! He did want to alert us to the fact that there was some frozen stuff. Really nice of him. Above and beyond I reckoned.

Even the drive to work was an adventure. The roads near Tartan Campers are closed just now so we had to find an alternative route and ended up over yonder hill and down dale. It was worth the trek!

I’ve got my Tartan Tee’s

I can now blend into the gang and not look like the newbie anymore.

Sadly they are black which is like red rag to a bull in my dog hair covered life but hey….

It’s another beautiful day. Hot. Our wee portacabin was like a furnace but I’m in and out all the time so it’s fine. The yard is all sandy and dusty so I feel like I’m working abroad.

I know……. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙄😬😆😂😂😂

Craig had to come and pick me up again and we found another equally convoluted route to get home.

I did a bit of tidying, carefully hung up the black T-shirt’s currently without dog hair… then had some lunch and sat in the sun listening to Fit Body Farm video clips. I must confess to a wee nap after the second one.

My neighbour is out working in his garden and today has a Beatles playlist on rotation. Now….. I must admit… I am not a fan of the Beatles….. sorry…. but it’s actually lovely sun worshipping weather. I’m dancing about in my seat to Penny Lane as I write this.

Now shaking it baby. I may be a convert.

This feels amazing to me

A mere £380 for Abbie the campervan and booked in for next Thursday and Friday to get he turbo gasket seal fixed. It’s fine to drive until then.

This is the old drive shaft….. apparently the threads are sheared

I stood looking at this with a quizzical face going oh yeah, oh dear that’s not good, uh huh needed replacing….. haven’t spotted the fault yet 😬😆🤷🏻‍♀️😂🤣

So I’m making Yellow Meatballs for dinner tonight courtesy of Hello Fresh. Will see how that goes. Sounds interesting.

We’re up and at ‘em for another Fut Body Farm challenge in the morning. I have to wear something yellow. Nope, I have nothing….. ah but it’s ok I can paint my face yellow instead. 😳 childless house here. I am way more likely to have a yellow T-shirt than yellow face paints 🙄😆🤣

Maybe I should take a yellow meatball? 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

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