Day 416 the blue COVID-19 vaccination envelope is finally here AND the return of the Gateside Hookers! 🧶

After a year and two months of COVID-19, my vaccination is scheduled for Wednesday at 9.15 and funnily enough Craig’s is at 9.10am. Keeping it in the family! 💉🦠

I’m impressed with all the information they give out along with four bus journey tickets that you would present to the driver if you were travelling by bus 🚌.

Thankfully we will drive but have to take two cars so that we can get to work afterwards. It’s in Ardrossan so not exactly nearby. I am not complaining…. any excuse to go to the seaside suits me, as you know!!

I’ll be walking about the vaccination centre taking photos for the blog…. will I get away with that I wonder?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

I was awake at 4.27am this morning all bright and breezy! Didn’t feel as bright once I got in the van and suddenly realised I was going to exercise. I was totally blinded by the early morning sun as I drove out the village. What a fright I got. I had to slam on the breaks as I couldn’t see anything. 😳😱

This was the view at the Fit Body Farm. Quite possibly the best gym in the world?!?


It was a hard session this morning. Running with a 20kg sandbag was the delightful highlight for me 🤪 as usual I went for my shower…. came out at 7.25 to find I was in the process of being locked in behind the shutter doors!!!! Thankfully managed to catch him just before he locked the door. So you know that’s gonna happen one day!

The sun is much higher in the sky now but what a beautiful day
Abbie under the blue sky!

Work was crazy again today. So busy but lots of fun. I stayed until 3.30pm today.

Abbie getting a Reimo awning rail fitted
Yep me and my bloody camera!

It’s the first time in a wee while that I have felt shattered. I got home at 4pm with the intention of having a nap but there were more parcels to be looked at! 😁😆

A long long time ago…. cue for a song…. I started following a Fb page for a shop called the Isle of Sweets – Wool and Craft Centre. Someone had posted asking if anyone would be interested in receiving a free craft box. I messaged to say yes please… this was back on 6th January and I forgot all about it.

It should be said that all this time I’m thinking they are based in the Outer Hebrides…. I don’t know why…. I just do. They are based in the Isle of Wight. Just a bit of a difference. I found that out when I ordered wool from them recently. 😆

So back to the craft box. There was an overwhelming response, no wonder…. I got a message at the end of March to say sorry that they’d not been able to send any more out.

How lovely is this?!?
And this lovely note inside!

It’s a beautiful gift. So very thoughtful 💕

The box is full of lovey things!!!

I must find a way to pay this forward. The lovely lady wanted to brighten people’s lives at a difficult time.

So please check out Isle of Sweets Wool and Craft Centre using this link!

As I write this the Wispa is calling my name…. 😂😂😂

So that leads on nicely to the next great bit of news….. tonight sees the return of the Gateside Hookers!!! My lovely crochet buddies and I will be back in the Gateside Inn. Chatting WAY more than crocheting….

Having a lovely evening and a great giggle so far.

Life is great spending time with great friends. And wool 🤣🤣 and an alcohol free Gordon’s gin!

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶

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