Day 406 breakfast at Auchengree Farm and a big nana nap! 😴🛌💤

I had a really strange anxiety reaction start to the day. Clean bed last night was amazing but I’d already done 412 steps by the time I got up which shows there were a few nighttime trips to the loo??!

So Craig let the dogs out their room and they were so excited, jumping all over us. Craig was in a good mood winding them up and there was loads of noise.

I’d just realised a double booking with my breakfast with Claire and lunch booked in the pub for 1.30. Mrs health kick couldn’t possibly do both. So I was dealing with that mentally too.

To add to all that I decided we needed new camping chairs too. For some reason they had to be purchased in that specific 5 minutes… which is totally ridiculous. We don’t need them.

I blew.

There was far too much noise in my head and my clean bed was covered in dog hair.

It didn’t last long. Literally a few minutes before I realised I was completely overwhelmed and overreacting.

So the best thing to fix all that was a lovely breakfast at Auchengree Farm with Claire. We’ve not been there for about 6 months.

I had a roll and scrambled egg with a very strong Americano, Closely followed by a peppermint tea to wash away the strong coffee! 😬😆 nothing beats a good chat to blow away the cobwebs.

Claire and I took two cars as we can’t yet car share due to COVID regulations. I,of course, had to take Craigs car and of course the fuel light came on! £91.05 later?!?!?!?

I’ve had a quiet afternoon. My head was buzzing so I eventually did a mediation.

Suzanne Robichaud Setting Boundaries Hypnotherapy

Aw usual I fell into a deep sleep which I really needed. Woke up just before 5pm.

Had a lovely dinner…. salmon with broccoli & cauliflower cheese.

I’ve not consumed many calories this weekend but my food prep leaves a lot to be desired. Will focus on that this week.

Fit body farm at 6am again in the morning so looking forward to that.

Wishing you all a happy Monday.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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