Day 401 May the Fourth be with you!

Star Wars!

It’s a standing joke on the Avery side of the family to see who can be first to say this on the 4th May. Of course mother in law wins again…. think that’s two or three years in a row!! I swear she sets an alarm….. 😆

I asked a lot of questions… but I watched every single film over and over and he loves showing off his knowledge 😆 he really is quite geeky…and I have to try and look past that 😬

I slept like a log last night, really out for the count. Shows what an early rise and going to a Fit Body Farm class can do.

I have struggled to move as the day has gone on.

I had a great day at Tartan Campers today. I have to say that I feel like I’m in a very good mood altogether.

I was listening to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast today where she interviews the football Ian Wright. I didn’t think I would be that interested as he was a footballer but turns out he suffered from domestic abuse when he was around the age of 9 onwards, sadly at the hands of his mum and step dad. It was a really interesting listen.

Happy Place – Ian Wright

I had no abuse in my life whatsoever and yet really struggled with my mental health so I commend anyone who is able to rise above something like that.

The reason it struck a chord with me is that he talked about returning to that dark place or anger and rejection when someone showed him love, as if he was waiting for it to fail. He felt safe thinking all the bad thoughts and sinking into that bad place as if it’s a comfortable, easy place to be.

I have felt that at times. Felt that it’s safer to be down and be sad as no one expects anything from me when I’m like that. It’s lovely to be able to admit to myself and everyone else that I actually feel pretty goddam good just now. I couldn’t have done this before. There would always have been something.

Check me…….. 🥰

So after work I stopped in past Primark to take stuff back (that was WAY too small!) and popped into Asda to pick up some bits and pieces before heading home.

There are a lot of people not wearing masks in the shops just now. I know we are meant to show compassion to those who can’t wear masks but I do find myself wondering why so many people can’t wear masks. It’s hard not to judge and wonder if they just don’t want to. None of us want to but it’s part of our country’s COVID-19 recovery process…. still I’m trying to think positively that there’s a good reason for it.

Anyway not sure how I got on to that??? Off out with the dogs and it stayed dry. Every looks so much more green after the one day of heavy rain yesterday!

This lovely blossom is growing on the hedges
The gorse is all in full bloom 💛💛💛 again the dark blue sky 🌌
Our village dog walking group (aptly named Dug Walk) gave names to these trees…. Treesa, Twiggy and Oakley. Sadly Oakley seems to have died in the last few years. Still look at them and smile and remember standing there trying to name them!!
The sky is very grey today
This gate is on its last legs and since I’ve lived here, Andy the Farmer had never used it! He is now. Must ask him what he’s up to!??
This is a very run down drystane dyke
And a much more together one which goes round the side of our village hall
The wall at the front of the village hall used to have wrought iron fencing. Most of this was used in the war so is no longer there
I’ve always loved this wee burn. It’s been dry for ages but fresh water now… we’ll probably not as it’s likely mixed with cow pee but let’s not dwell on that?!?

When I came back home I cleaned Abbie out. She was full of sand and Bhruic hair after our trip to Croy Beach on Sunday. She looks lovely now so everyone had to take their shoes off when they get in…. 🤣🤣 I wish!!

Also fitted my new sticker!!
And this one… it’s a great VW FB group.

So yeah, another lovely day. I’m now in agony and struggle to put one foot in front of the other but it’s all good. Bring on the gym again tomorrow morning and have my weight in booked for 5.45am! Alarm set!

I’m sitting writing this in Abbie, in the village hall car park and I really should go in the house. I love this space.

Life is good.

Stay safe everyone 🥰🥰🥰

4 thoughts on “Day 401 May the Fourth be with you!

    1. Haha! When I read it back through it said horse!!!! I thought of you when I took that picture. The yellow is so vibrant. We don’t have much colour around yet. Our village doesn’t have front gardens as we are all small cottages on the road so you miss on out what people would plant! Xx

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