Day 386 working ALL DAY!!!

Oooooh I am tired today…. moan, moan.

Up at 6.30 and into Tartan this morning. It was a lovely morning, turned pretty warm at one point and I was in the workshop setting up bin locations for material. I had my dustpan and brush out….. note to self, should do this in the house more often 🤔😬🤣

This made me laugh…….

This is me today…. just hanging on in there but hugging ma tree 🌲

The fuel light came on today….. why is going for fuel such a pain?! I’m one of these people that can’t just drive to the nearest petrol station but have to drive a distance to the cheapest or at least one of the cheaper ones. Probably costs me more in the long run!!

So I was about 20 mins late home, which is not the end of the world but I still had to make dog behavioural calls this afternoon. Spoke to loads of lovely people and booked three jobs which is great.

Then Claire asked if I wanted to go a walk. I was almost too tired but so glad I did.

This is so much more green than it was the other day when I walked through. The rain made a big difference!

Took some lovely primrose pics….

This the daffies are on their last legs now
How lovely is this.

Another quick one tonight but the hours run away from me these working days!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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