Day 375 hubby wins mega brownie points… 😇😇😇

So it’s 6.51pm and I’ve been working since 7.15am.

Into Tartan early as I had a load to catch up on. Another great morning. Got lots done.

Left at 1.15pm and had to stop in a lay-by to catch a dog behaviour call before 2pm! Got home at 2.30pm and had a quick bite to eat and then upstairs for my Tapping session with the girls from 3-4pm. Then back onto dog behavioural calls until 5.45pm and now have a puppy zoom call at 6pm.

Pointing out my Pawsitive Solutions polo shirt 😂

So it’s 8.05pm and I’m now on holiday! No camper and, dogs or puppies for the best 3 days….. oh ok I still have 3 dogs…… dammit…. and I drive a campervan…… ok yeah will cope 😇🥰

So back to the title… my wonderful husband has gutted the house, he’s polished, hoovered and cleaned all the floors, there were candles burning when I came home and the house smelled lovely.

A clean house is an amazing thing…. I realise how lucky I am that he did all that without me asking. I will find some odd things in random places for the next wee while but let’s park that and move on. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣😘 Very, very, very grateful!

So yeah, it’s been a crazy few days and my head doesn’t have any space for the usual pearls of wisdom I might spout at this time of night.

Normal service will be resumed when I have some time to swing a cat.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️