Day 394 it’s raining!!!!!

Auch ye gotta love Scotland. The rain today felt like ice needles hitting my skin. Only 3 days ago I was sunning it up the the Costa de la Garden and today I’ve got the ski jacket on!?!

Bedraggled much!!

It didn’t seem that wet when I headed out with the dogs. With the rain and wind behind me I was loving life. Appreciating all the greenery coming through, the smell of rain in the air. I met one man (who I have seen before but can’t remember for the life of me…. ) and shouted over the rain and wind…”lovely to walk in the rain for a change”…. his reply “eh… naw…” he looked at me like I had two heads!! His response was totally understandable when I turned to go back and was walking into the wind…. Hood wouldn’t stay up, jeans got soaked through and I couldn’t see a thing out my steamed up, rain soaked varifocals…. the only negative to these glasses is rain!

The dogs were quite happy!
Walk this way….. wait… we’re a “man” down?!? Freya is always in the field to the right waiting for Bhru to run with her
I love how bright green everything is suddenly after a few short showers of rain
The wild garlic is growing in abundance and smells amazing!

So I did have work this morning. Didn’t sleep well last night…. I’m fairly certain I got a kick or a nudge at some point and I found myself wide awake. I can only assume he will tell me that this was because I was snoring but I find that very hard to believe…. moi?!?!

It was still dark out and no traffic passing so it was the middle of the night. Wide awake thinking of campervan customers…. randomly.

So off into work and felt rising waves of anxiety throughout the morning. I kept telling myself I couldn’t remember things, my head was empty, how useless am I?!?!?

My perception of myself is still pretty dreadful. I made a point of deliberately thinking the opposite. “You have got this under control, your fully capable of handling all this, just be calm and breathe”

I love this above. I think I’m starting to cut myself some slack but I need to learn to bring myself back down from the anxiety. All to often I need other people to tell me my worth before I can breathe freely. we need to believe in ourselves.

I need to have that faith in myself. We all do. I still get frustrated with myself in a bad day but only looking back can see how much worse I made it for myself.

So I had some dog behavioural calls to make when I got home and then out with the puppers.

The house stinks of wet dog. Not missed they in the first 25 dry days of April.

But on a positive note the house is also full of sleeping dogs. Whoever coined the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie” was onto something!! I’m gonna join them.

This is Bhru’s sleepy tongue stuck out face from last night…. bless

Feet up and wee nana nap before Craig gets home!

I love this. ♥️♥️

Now don’t forget to bring me home that KFC Craigie… or else 😬😆

Stay safe everyone ☔️☔️☔️